Afros, Waves and Curls: Black Beauty Icons of the 60s and 70s

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This is the third installment of our ‘Black Beauty’ series, which honors the hairstyles of the past and the gorgeous ladies who rocked those styles the best! This week, we’re taking a look at the 60s and 70s, a period where hair got bigger, bolder and honored our natural hair textures.

Asymmetrical Cuts 

Photo credit: Josh Draper // Pinterest

If the 50s were all about sleek and chic styles, the 60s were all about funky cuts that pushed the boundaries! Ladies began chopping off their long locks in favor of pixies, bobs and other short styles. During this time, the ‘Supreme’ queen branched out on her own and became a fashion icon. She frequently wore fashion-forward cuts (like the one above) that drew attention to her large eyes and delicate features.

Photo credit: Frivolere // Pinterest

In addition to asymmetrical pixies, the ladies of the 60s helped pioneer a cut that is regaining popularity today — the blunt bob.

How to get a modern twist on the asymmetrical pixie!

Waves for days

Move over, Farrah Fawcett! Jayne Kennedy and other black beauties of the time knew how to rock voluptuous waves too. The look, which gave an effortlessly cool vibe could be created with rollers or curlers and then finger-combed for big, soft hair.

Photo credit: Mekhi Baldwin // Pinterest


Photo credit: The Sun // Pinterest

How to get Donna’s look!

Afro power!

One of the most popular looks of the 70s were afros, a symbol of the ‘Black Is Beautiful’ movement that took hold after the tumultuous civil rights movement era. Pam Grier had one of the most famous fros around thanks to her groundbreaking role in Foxy Brown.

Photo credit: Jacqui Pryor // Pinterest


The gorgeous Chaka Khan! (Photo credit: Phyllis Bode // Pinterest)

Ladies today are going back to the afro with twa’s and other voluminous looks, and we have more product choices than ever to create the perfect fro!

How to get your TWA poppin!

Which look do you like the most? Let me know in the comments below!

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