Trend Report: The Blunt Bob

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If you’re a hair trendsetter, you’ve most likely noticed more short hair stunners rocking a very distinct look. The blunt bob. Whether it be your real hair, a weave or a wig, one thing is clear: this is an IT style.

If electing to have your real hair cut into this style, here are few tips when approaching your stylist.

  1. Bring pictures. This will not only help your stylist see your direction but that can assist them pinpointing small tweaks that can make the style pop on you.
  2. Talk about the maintenance process. If this is a style you are looking to maintain long-term, find out how often you need to visit to get those lines sharp
  3. Consider your lifestyle. If you’re an avid gym goer or generally active, you may want to make sure you keep the cut at a length that will make pulling it back as hassle free as possible.

Here are some examples pics you can save for that next consultation.



Olivia Anakwe via @newyorkmodels



So you’re currently rocking a fierce fade or a punchy pixie but want to give this trend a spin? No need to worry. Wigs are your friend.

A favorite amongst vloggers is the ‘Jamie’ unit from My First Wig. You can @ForeverCryssy’s review on her YouTube page.


If you need a more budget friendly option, try out the Model Model ‘Dream’ wig. You can see @ifancycupcakes rocking it here.

The best part about wigs is that you can always cut them shorter and sharper to get the desired look. Be sure to have super sharp shears and a handheld razor on hand. If you need a little guidance, Tiarra Monet has a great tutorial on razoring her bob.

Are you planning to rock the blunt bob? Already rocking it and have tips to maintain the look? Share below!



Victoria Wilson






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