The Best Haircuts for an Oblong Face Shape

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Picking the perfect haircut is not a game! Your cut can take you from fab to not-so-fab, especially if you don’t know which style best compliments your face shape.

For all the readers with an oblong face shape, this post is for you, so pay attention before you start chopping away.

Do you have an oblong-shaped face?

If your forehead, cheeks, and jawline are about the same width, but your face has a longer length between the top of your forehead to your chin, then you most likely have an oblong-shaped face. Also, think shapes. The word oblong means to have an elongated form, so it would be similar to a rectangle or oval.

Still unclear? There are a few ways to determine whether you have an oblong face shape or not.

First, pull your hair back, either in a ponytail or with a headband to get a better look at your face. Next, you’ll want to:

  • Trace the outline of your face. Standing in front of a mirror, use either lipstick or a non-permanent marker to trace just the outline of your face (don’t include your ears). What shape do you see? Is it a rounded rectangle or lengthier oval? If yes, that’s an oblong shape.
  • Cut it out. If your tracing skills aren’t great, then cut out shapes. You can find a variety of oblong facial shapes online. Print, cut, and hold them up to your face to figure out your shape.
  • Grab your measuring tape. Measure from cheek to cheek, measure your jawline, and your forehead. These measurements should all be similar in size if you have an oblong face shape. Lastly, measure the length of your face, from the top-center of your hairline to your chin. If your face is longer than it is wide, then your face is oblong.

Find the right cut


Whether angled or shaggy, a short bob in these styles make an oblong face look more proportional.

Lob or Shoulder Length

This cut usually looks great on all face shapes, especially for those wanting to even-out the lengthiness of an oblong face.


This style is great because it gives dimension and width to long-shaped faces.

Grown-Out Pixie

You can still go short with a long pixie cut. Try it straight or curled, either way, this style will counterbalance the length of an oblong face.

Blunt or Side-Swept Bangs

A blunt bang or side-swept bang works best because it creates a balance between the length and width of an oblong face.

Avoid these cuts

Long and One Length

This style can sometimes make the face appear longer.

Wispy Bangs

Skip this as it can give the face a more elongated shape.

Hopefully, these tips helped. Happy cutting!

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