In Living Color: The Best Haircolors for Your Skin Tone

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Whether you want to spice things up with a fiery red hair color or just keep it chic with shimmery, brown highlights, picking the perfect hue isn’t always easy to figure out.

From jewel tones to the right shade of black, finding the hair dye that best compliments your complexion is key to achieving the best look.

Not sure what undertone you fall under? Let’s quickly break it down, so you know what shades will make your tresses pop!

Cool: for those with pink, red or bluish traces beneath the skin’s surface, you have a cool undertone

Warm: if yellow, peachy or golden shades shine through your skin, then you would be considered to have a warm undertone

Neutral: this is someone with a blend of warm and cool undertones

There are several ways to determine your undertone – the vein/wrist, the jewelry, and the neutral test are all helpful. If you’re still unclear, try Sephora’s Color IQ service, which can correctly categorize your skin’s surface tone and undertone.


Brown hair color is pretty hard to mess up since this shade looks great on almost all skin types. For cool undertones choose a light brown to medium brown trying toffee and chestnut hues. Warm undertones should stick to deep browns, like, mocha, cinnamon, and caramel hair colors to bring their golden tones forward.

When it comes to black hair color, cool undertones should try a blue-black tone, but be careful, as black tends to wash you out. For warmer undertones, jet black and brown-black tones are your best bet. The one thing to remember with having black hair is to make sure it always has shine.


















Unleash your glow and go blonde! Platinum, ash, and champagne shades work best to counterbalance the redness of cool undertones. For warm undertones, try more gold, honey, and butterscotch colors to illuminate your skin.


Strawberry-blonde, copper, auburn, burgundy, and amber – the redhead options are limitless for those with a cool undertone. Warmer undertones should be mindful when trying a red hair color, as these hues can easily make the skin look drab. Go for a deep auburn or a deep ruby red for some radiance.


Right now, the trend is to experiment with non-traditional hair colors. And with so many shades to choose from, why not try something to brighten up your style. Cool undertones should stick to pastel hues, like, lilac, baby blue, rose gold, and mint. For warm undertones, saturated jewel tones, like, deep lavender, fuchsia, emerald, and sapphire look dazzling.

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