Have A Bangin’ New Year: Your Ultimate Guide To Bangs

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Bangs can be a great way to switch up your style in a less drastic fashion. The selections are endless from choppy and long to blunt or sideswept to round and full. With so many options to choose from, here’s a guide to help you land on the perfect bangs for your face shape.

Heart-Shaped: Choppy and layered (front or sideswept)


Why? Since heart-shaped faces can be a heavier on top, choppy bangs can help balance and draw attention to the eyes.

Try these with: Grown-out pixies, bob, or lobs

Square: Long, tapered, eye grazing

Why? Keeping the bangs long, full and tapered on the sides will help to soften the lines for square faces.

Try these with: Angled bobs, voluminous bobs

Round: Blunt 


Why? Blunt bangs help to balance out and sculpt the softness of a round face. If you want to elongate your face more, try cutting the bangs right above your brow-line.

Try these with: Tapered pixies,  textured  lobs, layered lobs

Oval: Generally, any style you please

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Why? Oval faces are known for their ability to pull off just about anything thanks to their symmetrical shape. For versatility, it’s best to keep your bangs longer so you can rock them front and center, to the side or rock a middle part. However, if you want to take your bangs from good to great, take your forehead into account.

Long Forehead: Curtain bangs

Jennifer Lopez/ Pinterest

Why?  Curtain bangs can give the illusion of a shorter forehead by having the bangs part at a lower point.

Short Forehead: Long and blunt

Ophelia Lovibond / Pinterest

Why? The extra length will help give the illusion that your forehead is longer than it is.

Try these with: Shaggy bobs, grown out pixies, textured/layered bobs and lobs



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