Hair Envy: Top 5 IG Cuts Of The Week

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There’s plenty of “hair envy” that we share on our page each week, but some styles stand out among the rest. This week, our squad of stunners loved sleek pixies, sweet tapered cuts, and a simple buzz cut with a bit of edge.

Would you like to make it onto our “Hair Envy” list for next week? Tag your gorgeous looks with #thecutlife on IG!


@kaycezar’s sleek pixie styled by @la_angeliquestyles nabbed the top spot with 25,917 likes.

Kara’s hairstylist, Angelique, gave us the scoop on how she styled this gorgeous pixie:

“Well, I started off with a good, clarifying and hydrating shampoo. I also added a midnight blue-black rinse for color. After that, she sat for about 30 minutes under the dryer. I rinsed the color out and then proceeded to mold the client with Nairobi foam. I waved the sides and back, and let that dry completely. Once she was dry, I used Liv hairdressing and The Mane Choice Growth Oil for pre-shine with some shape-and-hold by Nairobi. I then proceeded to style the client’s hair with small curling irons and fingered the curls while styling. After I was done, I used the gleam Nairobi oil sheen.”

Here’s another look at Kara’s pixie!

@niahope’s cute buzz cut by @trueprep.thebarber 20,498 likes on our page!


E! News Correspondent @sibvicious’ camera-ready platinum pixie got 20,092 likes this week!


@thelynntiara’s cinnamon curls by @mrsstrands got 19,834 likes!


@brieanamj’s voluminous natural tapered cut by @terrance_the_barber rounded out our top 5 with 16,784 likes!

Which look will you try? Let us know in the comments below!

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