4 Hair Resolutions for 2017

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2017 is finally here, and my social media feeds have been filled with hopes, plans, and resolutions for our next turn around the sun. In November, I started creating my 2017 list, and growing my hair was one of the top things on my list. It may seem silly, but when a woman changes her hair, it’s a strong signal that she’s getting ready to change her life.

Here’re 4 hair resolutions I hope you take on this year:

Go ahead and chop it off!

Of course, this would be the first resolution — I mean, this is The Cut Life! Sometimes our hair can literally and figurately weigh us down, and the new year is the perfect time to let go and start anew. Have you been swooning over a fierce pixie? Get it. Want to shave it all off? Go for it. Lusting for a shaggy bob? Make your appointment today.

Try something new. 

This is for my stunners who have been living #thecutlife. Just like ladies who rock long locks get in a rut, we can too. Either we run out of creative juices or we become so dependent on our signature style that we’re too afraid to try something else.

This is where I’m at — after nearly 10 years of being a baldie, I’m growing my hair out. I’ve had the same style since I was 18, and I realized I was becoming dependent on my hair, or lack thereof. It’s the main way people remember and identify me, and it’s scary to let go of that. But, it’s an opportunity to know and realize I will always be “me” with or without hair.

*Check out @faceovermatter’s video ( about her hair resolution — It definitely gave me some extra motivation.

Be nice to your hair. 

A couple months ago, we “chopped it up” with Angela Christine, Eve’s go-to stylist. Angela shared the key to Eve’s ever-changing styles and even how she managed her big chop. It all boiled down to proper hair care. It meant creating and following a hair regimen, laying off the heat sometimes, wrapping your hair up at night, and doing whatever it takes to make sure your crown shines brightly as possible.

Are you clueless about what to do? Reach out to a professional stylist to help you create a regimen.

Make your hair your #goals. 

#Goals is the No. 1 thing I see on Instagram. #bodygoals, #careergoals, #relationshipgoals, goals, goals, goals. It’s definitely okay to look to others for inspiration — I love following powerful ladies like Necole Kane, Myleik, Dana Blair, JasFly, Issa Rae, etc… for ideas on how to improve various facets of my life. And before I started working with the fab Cut Life team, I loved looking at all the beautiful cuts that came across my IG feed each day.

But, it can be easy for inspiration to turn into envy and dissatisfaction about what you already have. So, learn to love your hair as-is — if you have 4c curls, great! Is your hair straight? Beautiful! Does it seem like your hair has a mind of its own and won’t cooperate with you? Appreciate it!

Learn to love what you have, as you work for what you want.

 What’s your hair resolution for this year? Tell me in the comments below!


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