“I Cut All My Hair Off. Now What?” Life After the Big Chop

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You did it! You finally coughed up the courage to chop off your locks and now you’re starting over fresh with a baldie or a TWA, teeny weenie afro. At this moment of hair rejuvenation, everything can be overwhelming at first but before everyone else can get used to your new look, you must get accustomed to yourself first. Like a lot of women, you have mixed emotions…

  • You’re anxious because you want your hair to grow quickly.
  • You’re overwhelmed because you aren’t sure which products to use.
  • You’re disappointed because you can’t seem to maintain moisture in your hair

You’ll also find out that cutting off your hair has its advantages and some unexpected, satisfying results:

  • If you’re fully transitioned, you’re relieved because you don’t have to manage two textures anymore. Check out our other article on transitioning, click here!
  • If after the chop your hair is super short, you can wash and go with ease.
  • Your products will last longer due to the fact you don’t need as much. #SAVINGS
  • And hair grows back!!

Here are a few pointers to maintaining and styling the new look!


Using a satin cap or pillowcases at night is a great low maintenance way to help limit the appearance of frizz. Did you know there are companies that sell satin-lined hats? is one of them.

TRIM what’s left (if any) relaxed ends.


Avoid shampooing too much. Instead, a co-wash every 2 weeks and good ol’ hot oil treatment every 2 weeks can do the trick.

Make sure your moisturizers have water listed as the 1st or 2nd ingredient. It will grow quickly as long as you moisturize regularly and take good care of your hair.

Create an easy moisturizing spritz with water, a few teaspoons of a leave-in conditioner and a few drops of your favorite natural oil. You can reapply the mist when your hair feels dry.

Be aware of the weather outside, your hair will dry out faster during the winter.


YouTube is a great source for tutorials on anything. Especially hair.  Here’re a few of my faves:

Coil Outs: All you need is some gel/pudding, a comb and you’re ready to go. Here’s a great tutorial video…

Rod Sets: The smaller the rod, the tighter the curl, and the longer the style will last.

Check out this video…

Twist Outs: The most popular hairstyle for naturals no matter if you have a TWA, medium length or long hair. 


Check out more ways to style your TWA or Baldie by clicking the CUTS tab at the top of the page. Happy Styling!

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