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Holiday Hair tutorial for Natural Hair: How to

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I wanted to try a different style for my taper cut for the holidays, so I went with a cute side twist mohawk style using @asiamnaturally products!!

I started off by washing my hair with the @asiamnaturally Coconut Cowash.

Immediately after the wash, I started the styling process by sectioning off the sides of my hair to prepare the twists. I used as I Am Naturally Leave in conditioner then followed up with their smoothing gel.

  • Next, for my twists; I again applied the leave in conditioner, then added the Twist Defining Cream. 
  •  I coiled the lower back of my hair using the coil defining jelly. 
  • After letting my hair dry overnight, I separated my twists by first spraying on the cocoshea spray. 
  • Now I am ready to slay the holidays!!! 

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