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Chopping It Up With Amanda Ramirez, The “Beauty Battling Cancer”

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Name: Amanda Ramirez / IG: @comptonsveryown_ / Age: 22 / From: Compton,CA


When and how did you first find out you had cancer?

For 3-4 months, I had noticed a bump on the left side of my neck. It was small at first and got bigger. I thought it was due to stress from work because I used to work 14-hour days. I ignored it. I knew something was wrong when I was at work and I went blind. I fainted shortly afterwards.  Even then I still didn’t go to the hospital. I was scared.

Even then I still didn’t go to the hospital. I was scared. Finally, two friends drove me to hospital the to have them run tests.  On Aug 23, 2016 the doctor came in diagnosed me with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Stage 3 cancer. I felt overwhelmed and cried a lot.

What were your main concerns after being diagnosed?

I had a lot of questions. Was it because I’m fat? My main concern was “Am I gonna be okay?” Amanda went on to say that lymphoma is one of the “more treatable cancers.” She is currently on a special AVBD chemotherapy for 6 -12 months. She considers it as a blessing. “After I lost my dad, my gratitude level skyrocketed. You can still be happy because cancer doesn’t define you.”

How has your personal life changed?

People have used my Instagram as daily inspiration and ask me for advice and encouragement. Sometimes we feel alone and by ourselves in the hospital. Her posts also uplift other plus sized girls. “You don’t have be a size 2 to feel pretty or match society’s standards. My goal to continue uplifting those who are being discouraged by the stigma. I say to To be brown and happy.”

Now let’s talk hair.

Well, I had shaved my head back in April of this year; before I even knew I had cancer.

Wait, Really?

 2016-12-03  “Yes! God compelled me to do it. [My hair] grew into a pixie before it started to fall out after chemo. It’s one thing when you cut your hair yourself, but to lose your hair, it sucks because it’s not in your control. But then I just thought ‘F**k it. I was a bald b””ch before cancer, so I’m gonna let it rock. You’re just gonna have to get it together and suck it up. Hair is just hair. I like being bald. I like my scalp. Plus my hair still grows.

How has your perception of beauty evolved throughout your journey with cancer?

I have a new found love for bald heads. People think that we’re supposed to look sick, that we can’t be beautiful. I find beauty in people with illnesses or survivors.

As a beauty battling cancer, what’s your daily beauty routine like?

I wash my face with lukewarm water and dry with a towel. Not a big user of products.

For makeup:

  • Primer- Maybelline Master Prime NY
  • Foundation- NYX flat foundation
  • Concealer- LA girl pro concealer with a Real Techniques beauty blender
  • Concealer- Maybelline super stay better skin
  • Powder contour- Stella bronzer;
  • Setting spray- rose water spray.
  • Highlighter- Plexitarian by Colour Pop, Soft and Gentle by Mac.
  • Eyebrows- Colour Pop eye pencil and powder
  • Laura Mercier setting powder.
  • Finish it with Nude lip- LAX or Kat Von D.

What advice would you give to other women who are dealing with hair loss and other body changes due to cancer or any other disease?

Be open to the changes. It can be overwhelming but don’t worry. Don’t be scared.  Be happy, be thankful because some of the changes can be for the better. You’ll learn more about your body. For example, when dealing with cancer, everything changes including taste buds and hearing. After chemo, you can even taste it for a while. You’ll realize your body is ready to assist you with your fight and you’ll feel a lot better.

What advice would you like to give to those about cancer?

Keep a smile on your face and continue to pray. I have a continue to pray. Be positive.

What’s up next for Amanda?

She hopes to pursue plus sized modeling and become an author. We know it’ll all be stunning!


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