Wrap It Up! 5 Cute Ways To Rock A Headwrap

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I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that I’m African, but I love a good head wrap! I’ve finally managed to convince my husband that they’re appropriate to wear in public so I thought I’d share some head wrap inspiration images with you all so I can get some people on my side of this!


Head wraps make a cute alternative to a hat or beanie on a bad hair day. They can easily jazz up an all black outfit or, if you’re ’bout that life, you can literally match your wrap to your look of the day.



The wraps can be tied in a variety of ways – knot on the top, side or nape of the neck depending on your preference.

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As I mentioned above, they’re a great way to handle a not-so-great hair day – a good wrap and a little edge control goes a long way!



I suggest hitting up your local fabric store and getting a variety of prints and patterns from there. There are also brands such as @wrapqns who sell wraps that are ready for your use. All in all, this is a fun look to try if you’re having a bad hair or simply want to have a little fun with your look.


Does anyone else love head wraps as much as I do? Let me know in the comments section below!




(images via @wrapqns, @thewraplife, @iamleahmariee, @ash_katchem, @fashionrebellion_, @1cambeauty, @iamlilredz & Pinterest)

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