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Work It Out! 5 IG Fitness Gurus You Need To Follow

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Okay ladies, we’re approaching the time of year for holiday parties, travel and most importantly, food! Thanksgiving is ten days away, and the foodie in me couldn’t be more excited. But as we entered the Fall I didn’t want to limit my fitness goals to being #SummerTimeFine which is easy to do once you can hide a couple of extra pounds under the cutest sweaters, leggings and scarves. Thus, I committed to making a conscious effort to be #FitForFall as well.

One thing that inspires me to stay on track with my physical health goals is flooding my Instagram timeline with fitness gurus who’ve adopted the habits I aspire to each day. And for the mornings when I’m contemplating whether to neglect a daily workout, with one scroll through my IG feed exercise clips and progress pics encourage me to do better. So, as the holiday season quickly approaches and delicious food begins to flow, we’ll need all the motivation to continue working towards our fitness goals.

Here’s 5 IG Fitness Inspirations for you to follow now!


Magdacivil is an NQ NPC Bodybuilding Competitor who shares her fitness and nutrition tips on Instagram and YouTube. Check out her workouts to get enviable abs, arms and legs!


Alternating incline dumbbell press: UpperChest, front shoulders, triceps, trying keep balance also incorporates the core! Super movement

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Single arm dumbbell rows: I exaggerated the movement for a stretch and to really put tension on those back muscles! #CobraBack

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Massy Arias started her fitness journey as a way to combat the depression that plagued her life. Since then, she’s become a fitness inspiration to all, as well as an example of what passion, hard work and dedication can get you. Now, Massy is an inspiration for mommies-to-be as she shares how to be fit for you and your baby.


HI LOVES ???SUSPENSION TRAINING WORKOUT [tag your BFF or workout buddy] @mawarriors Challenge: pair two of these exercises as a superset ( back to back with no rest in between). Perform each exercise of every superset for 1 minute each. 1-1.30s rest in between sets. Perform 3 sets of each superset. NOTE: using a suspension system can be so beneficial as you can control how much of your own body weight actually pulling or pushing. This can be a great way to gain strength for pistol squats, push ups, jumping squats, and more…. GOODLUCK, LET’S MOVE! WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #ChildofGod #mawarrior #ma30day #25weekspregnant #fitmom __________________________________________________ RUTINA DE ENTRENAMIENTO CON SUSPENSION [Menciona a un amigo] Desafió: combina dos de estos ejercicios para hacerlos en superconjunto (un ejercicio seguido por el otro sin ningún descanso entre los dos). Haz cda ejercicio por un minuto completo . 1-1.30s de descanso entre series. Realiza tres circuitos de cada superconjunto. Nota: usar una herramienta de suspensión puede ayudarte grandemente al darte el poder de controlar que tanto de tu peso empujas o usas para cualquier ejercicio. Ayudándote con tus sentadillas de una sola pierna, pechadas, sentadillas saltadas y más… BUENA SUERTE, A MOVERNOS! WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #hijadecristo #trxtraining

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STAIR WORKOUT CHALLENGE [Tag a friend to challenge] HAPPY FRIYAY??✍? What your sexy self will need: Jump rope Mini resistance bands: available on my website ?Challenge: there are 4 super sets in this video combining one jump rope move with mini resistance band or stair move. combine and perform each superset (no rest in between). Rest for 1 full minute and repeat super set 3 times. Are you ready? RECORD THIS ROUTINE AND TAG ME WITH #ma30day #movewithmassy FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A FREE SET OF MINI BANDS. READY, LET’S GO! Note: you don’t need the mini bands to perform these movements. If you don’t own one don’t worry. If there’s any move you can’t perform, jus double one you find easier. Good luck and let’s see how creative you can get! WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #mawarrior #childofGod #prego #24weekspregnant _________________________________________________ FELIZ VIERNES! DESAFIÓ DE ESCALERAS [menciona a un amigo y retalos] ??✍?️ Lo que necesitarás: Cuerda de salto Mini bandas de resistencia: disponibles en mi paguina web ?Desafio: este vídeo contiene 4 superseries combinandl dos ejercicios. Realiza cada salto de cuerda con su respectivo superconjunto por 30 segundos sin descanso entre ejercicio. Descansa por 1 minuto completo. Repite cada superconjunto 3 veces! LISTOS? Graba esta rutina y mencióname con #ma30day #movewithmassy para un chance de ganar un set de mini bandas. DALE! Nota: si no puedes hacer cualquier movimiento solo repite uno que se haga más fácil para ti. Buena suerte y DALE! #Hijadecristo

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HAPPY SATURDAY, ARE YOU READY FOR THE CHALLENGE? @mawarriors [Tag a friend now] ? You’ll perform each exercise for 1 full minute. As many reps as you can within that given time. Rest 45s to 1 minute before moving to the next exercise. You’ll do 3 sets of this circuit, let’s get it! WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #ma30day #mawarrior #23weekspregnant #prego #childofGod ______________________________________ FELIZ SABADO, ESTÁN LISTOS PARA EL RETO? [menciona a un amigo ahora y tetalos] ? RETO: realiza cada ejercicio por 1 minuto completo. Harás tantas repeticiones como puedas con el tiempo dado. Descansar de 45s-1minuto antes de comenzar el próximo ejercicio. Harás 3 series de este circuito, LISTOS? DALE! WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #hijadecristo

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Jessamyn is a yogi who is blasting through stereotypes of who yogis are and what they look like one handstand and yoga pose at a time. Jessamyn hosts yoga classes all over the world, and you can get your yoga on from the comfort of your room via her online classes.


At this point, my yoga is only about staying in the moment and giving love to those around me. I think that’s all that really matters, ultimately- the rest is just whirligigs and ego. I love my asana practice (#handstands & wall walking gave me SO MUCH LIFE this morning), but it’s not all that matters. I find it so much more complex and scary and interesting to sit in meditation and to make authentic attempts at being satisfied in the present moment. I can only speak for myself, but I think that’s why I used to fear meditation- because I’ve used the distractions of tv and social media and friendship and lovers and work (etc, etc) to distract from the profound depth and darkness within. Why is it so easy to reflect the world around us and so scary to acknowledge who we really are? (I am forever trolling my yoga practice on snapchat- follow me over there @mynameisjessamy if you’re into that kind of thing.)

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I kept it ? on my @additionelle snap takeover today and not just bc I started the morning with restorative yoga to help heal my body after a night of sloppy karaoke fueled antics (MY FRIEND WAS LEAVING TOWN, WE HAD TO GET A LITTLE CRAY OK???.) I then went on to teach an EFFING AMAZING flow at @durhamyoga (hey guys I ❤️ you), had a very chill video shoot w/ @unctv, and then gave a little headstand tutorial. And I got to wear my @additionelle NOLA swimsuit the whole time bc fat bodysuit life is imperative for this movement, y’all. If you’re interested in seeing what the life of a 21st century yoga teacher really looks like, follow @additionelle on snapchat! Swimsuit is by @additionelle, and my personal snap is @mynameisjessamy ??

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Destiny Godley has been reppin’ for the chocolate girls on YouTube for years and now she’s working on taking over the fitness world as well. Check out her awesome gym and outdoor workouts as well as suggestions super-cute workout wear.



Sai Phifer is a Zimbabwean beauty who moved to the U.S. to start her fitness empire. Sai shares snippets of her workouts on Instagram, but she has easy-to-follow workout plans on her site, The Body Religion.


The truth of the matter is that no one is coming to save you. No one is coming to make all your hopes and aspirations come true. No one is coming to put in all the hard work for you. You need to wake up and realize that only YOU can save yourself. Only YOU can put in the hard work that’s needed to guarantee the results you want. If you’re looking for a hero then look in the mirror because that’s ultimately the only person you can depend on to accomplish your goals & make your dreams a reality. Save yourself because no one is coming to save you. ?? HARD WORK • DEDICATION ? #watchmework #fitness #fit #fitnessmodel #fitnessaddict #bodybuilding #cardio #gym #wshhfitness #training #abs #majorfitgoddess #personaltrainer #motivation #legday #fitnessfreak #blackfitness #fitfam #eatclean #blackgirlsrock #ig_fitness_freaks

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These stunners and their fitness lifestyles keep me motivated! What else inspires you to achieve your fitness goals?

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