To Chop Or Not To Chop?

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So you’re scrolling through The Cut Life Instagram page (pardon the shameless plug) and like everyone else, you are gagging at the bevy of gorgeous, chopped hairstyles you see. You begin screenshotting picture after picture, trying to figure out what look would work for you – a bob, undercut, pixie, or a baldie — you just can’t decide!

Well, don’t stress. Not everyone acts all impulsively, just ready to start rocking a short cut, which is totally understandable. Think about it. It is YOUR hair and not to make you more anxious, but your tresses are a big part of your identity. It certainly says a lot about how you feel about yourself. Like clothing, hair is another form of expression and it’s not easy making a decision to drastically cut it.

If you are having some doubts and need a little convincing, here are tips and things to consider when you’re thinking about cutting your hair.

Do Some Research

With helpful sites, such as The Cut Life, start doing your research and figuring out what cut would best suit your personal style and your overall aesthetic. Begin with some soul searching and ask yourself questions, like:

1. Why do I want to cut my hair?
2. Is this a decision I will regret?
3. Will my new style be easy to maintain?
4. Will this new cut limit my styling options, and if so, will I be cool with that?

Try It Out

Test run your new haircut by going to your local beauty supply store and trying on a few wigs. This will help you determine what styles you can pull off. Plus, it’s a fun way to switch up your look up without committing to a cropped cut before you’re ready.

Seek Advice

Find someone who specializes in cutting your hair type. If you see a hairstyle you admire, don’t be shy, ask which stylist that person trusted to cut their hair. Once you find a salon, schedule a consultation first. You should make sure the stylist understands your hair goal needs before completely trusting them.

Do You Boo!

Simply put: don’t over think it and do what works for you. Again, it’s your hair and you are the one who has to love it.

Hope these tips helped and happy chopping!

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