5 Self-Care Tips for Election Day

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Election day is upon us and there isn’t a better time than the present to adopt a consistent self-care regimen.  The American Psychological Association says the 2016 Presidential election is a source of “significant stress” for most Americans.  So, this Tuesday it’s essential that you give significant attention to your own physical and psychological wellness on a day known to cause anxiety across the country.  If you want to remain healthy and happy this election day, here are 5 self-care tips just for you!

  • Get a rigorous workout in! Whether you’re into running, yoga or HIIT cardio; a good workout is essential in getting your endorphins flowing to alleviate stress and produce good vibes only.
  • Fast from social media and television for the day, for obvious reasons. We’ve had to endure the media and agonize while watching it this entire election season. The day has finally come, all we need is the results.
  • Protect your peace and refrain from engaging in heated debates or negative commentary regarding the election. Your sanity is more important.
  • “Treat yo self!” Buy a new lipstick or that sweater you’ve been eyeing from your favorite store. The bright side is you’ve made it through another stressful election season and with all we’ve witnessed from these candidates…we deserve a reward.
  • Have dinner with close friends featuring several cocktails and zero political dialogue. Enjoy!

Happy Election Day stunners! And may the odds be ever in our favor.

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