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#ManCrushMonday: Stevie Pettus

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Looking for a pretty boy that’s a little rough around the edges, who is multitalented, and even has a cute dog named after your fave clothing line? Then you might just be fond of our October Man Crush Monday. Stevie Pettus is a local living the dream traveling around the world doing what he loves to do for work.

Believe it or not, he’s working on the Summer Sixteen Tour’s meet and greets for the Future/Freebandz team, does marketing for Cease & Desist along with Freebandz Clothing, and still manages to live life to the fullest. He reminds us that anything is possible if you just surrender and to have a positive outlook on life. Get to know the man behind the scenes in this month’s MCM interview with Stevie.

Full Name: Stevie Pettus

IG Name: @stevieatl

Age: 25

Occupation: Creative/Marketer


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via @stevieatl

What’s a short version of a day in the life with you?

Stevie: Let’s see…waking up, making coffee, thinking about designing, working with Cease, making sure Freebandz is good, and well doing it all over again. That’s really it.

How do you find a balance with taking on such a huge responsibility for two popular clothing lines?

Stevie: I don’t see it has a lot of responsibility because the only thing I know is marketing and stuff like that. It honestly comes naturally. Plus, I love clothes and I believe in both of the brands so once that’s knocked out anything is possible.


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Currently you have some things in the works for your up and coming hat line. When can we expect A-fedoras to hit the streets?

Stevie: I’m actually collabing with a friend in Florida on the hats so it’s kind of tricky when we’re not in the same place working on the project. I have all the samples so once we get everything finalized we can get things rolling. We don’t have a set date but it’s coming soon.


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You like to switch it up when it comes to your hair, most guys don’t. Who usually influences your next style?

Stevie: Hmmm tricky. I don’t think anyone ever influences me I just do whatever I’m feeling at the time. I may see someone with a hairstyle and look at it twice like that shit is cool.

Then you may take it and make it your own, huh?

Stevie: Yeah maybe, kind of sorta. “Innovate” *laughs*


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Is “Surrender” apart of your own branding or does it have a significant meaning?

Stevie: It actually has a significant meaning. It’s not a brand, it’s just a collection I’m working on for my first collection. Really what it stands for is when I went to rehab and they told us to surrender to a higher power. So once you do that anything is possible. That’s where I got it from and that just stuck with me. I guess you can say it’s a deeper meaning for the collection.


via @stevieatl

Here are some gems of Stevie on the Summer Sixteen Tour shot by @antsoulo. Catch him out the country on the last leg of the tour. Until next time keep crushing!



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