Hot 97’s Jen From BK Hosts Inaugural Ladies First Experience

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Women ought to support other women, period.

This was just one of the major takeaways from the “Ladies First Experience” organized by none other than Hot 97’s Digital Manager and Ladies First Host, Jen From BK.

Held at DVF’s chic Meatpacking District showroom on Oct. 20 – such an appropriate venue given that the designer is a known champion of women’s causes – the invite-only event brought the popular web series’ mission to life off-site by empowering guests to strut fearlessly (fabulously, too) in pursuit of their dreams.

Jack Daniels

Jack Daniel’s cocktails. Yum!


Savory snacks catered by Fig & Olive and signature Jack Daniel’s cocktails added yet another level of sophisticated flair to the evening’s festivities, leaving a tasty impression.

As if mingling among industry professionals, reality TV stars and various tastemakers wasn’t enough, memorable moments of the Experience included attendees watching as five Ladies First fans received the ultimate red-carpet treatment. Each lucky participant was styled in Fall/Winter DVF, got camera ready with a master makeup artist and shared what makes them a true girlboss via an interview with Jen. Priceless!

Jen chatting it up!

Jen chatting it up!

When asked what keeps her personally motivated, however, the fly female entrepreneur mentioned “proving people wrong” and uplifting those shaded by society. Jen also explained the impact she intends to have on younger generations.

“I come from the inner city – born and raised in Brooklyn – and for us growing up in the neighborhood, we didn’t think we could get too far or that [our] dreams were achievable. I want to show the youth that the girl from around the way, Jen, is doing it,” she says.

Representation is an undisputable factor in regards to inspiring success, and the Ladies First movement continuously exemplifies what it means to be all about celebrating womanhood worldwide.

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