Why I Cut My Hair

Why I Cut My Hair: @chrystian.allure

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Here’s where it all started: When I was 10 years old, my mother put a relaxer in my hair. After doing that, I got addicted to using relaxers every six weeks. After consistently doing that over the years, my hair started to become weak, fragile, and broken.

In high school, I always wore a ponytail with a headband because when I went to get a wash-n-set it looked terrible because of my broken hair and how thin it was. The thought to cut my hair never ran through my mind at all until my senior year. Just two weeks before Thanksgiving 2010, my mother said: “I’m tired of sending you to the beauty parlor. I come home and your hair is in a ponytail!” She passed me a hair magazine and said: “Find a short haircut because you’re cutting your hair.”

I cried so much because that’s not what I wanted to do, I ended up finding something nice and it made me feel a little bit better, but I was still nervous because I’ve never had short hair before . My mom made the appointment for me and the next day we were in the salon. The Lady Nuncie located in Harlem did a fabulous job and I loveeeeed the cut, and when she was done with it, I kept my hair in a pixie cut for about four years.  But I was still getting relaxers, and my hair ended up looking very bad again after the four years of wearing my hair short .

One morning I woke up and went on Instagram and I kept seeing the word “big chop” I’m thinking in my head, “What is a big chop?” So I You-Tubed it and I saw women cutting off all their hair and going natural. I laid down in bed and thought so hard and said: “You know what? Tomorrow is the day I will do a big chop and start over!” That’s exactly what I did! I hated it at first because I was having an identity crisis, but I then started to love it after I built my courage.

I’ve never felt so confident with short hair! It stands out so much, and I do not regret my mom making me cut my hair from my high school days.

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