Work all day, Party all night — Outfits you can take from day to night

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You’ve been running errands all day and you have not been keeping up with the time at all. You just remembered your bestie invited you out for drinks and it is crunch time to get there in the next hour. You literally can make what you’re wearing work — believe it or not.

Or It’s Fri-yay and you keep looking at the corner of you computer screen counting down the minutes until it’s the weekend girl! You have no set plans but you’re still hype because you get to sleep in the next day. But you get off and your friend just hit you with a flyer for tonight’s turn up. How are you going to turn your work attire into a night time ensemble?

It’s easy if you follow these tips and tricks to take your outfits from day to night. Whatever the scenario is, I got you and so does the mall with a quick run through to complete your look. If you know you’re heading out before you leave for the day I recommend you pack the final touches to your day to night with you in your trunk. Work all day, party all night it’s time to turn it up a notch with these easy go-to outfits!


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Just feeling pretty chill today with a band-shirt and shorts or black jeans? I understand completely, this is my favorite type of look but you don’t want to be too chill at the bar. Strut in some sexy thigh high boots to transform casual to Catwoman in a matter of seconds!


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Decided to keep it simple at the office today with an all white button up? No worries you can take this look to the next level with a fun pair of jeans. Test it out with some patch or badge work and you will be on to watch at karaoke night.


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When a lunch date with the girls turns into a shopping trip to tickets to your fave artist’s album release party? Don’t ask how we got from one extreme to the next, life moves as fast as your wardrobe change to complete this outfit. Put on a pair of bold or statement booties to add some flavor for taste.


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Running errands in a black tee, black leggings, and some black combats boots? Or keeping it cool in wide leg pants and a simple blouse at a day party? Switch it up and just add a leather jacket to take this look to a night time gem. Leather gives any outfit the edge it needs to take it to the club.


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Uh oh just saw an IG post for tonight’s function and you’re outfit is a band-tee and jeans? Yikes! Cop a metallic chocker and a pair of out there pants to share your sense of style with your chill persona at the same time with this fun day to night idea!


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Thought you would give the office a little presidential flair in a two piece outfit today? Just switch your blouse to a crop top to take this work attire from Clinton to 1995’s Clueless. As if you would catch me slipping at tonight’s birthday dinner!


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Are you the girl that wears a workout fit knowing you aren’t going anywhere near a gym? Well, that might of just got you in trouble when you lost track of the time running the kids back & forth for the day. Next thing you know it’s time for that urban art show you promised your friend you would go to. Put on a bomber and booties to give this workout outfit the night feel it needs.


Make what you got work for these crazy switch ups to your day and take these tips on for size the next time this happens to you. You worked all week time to party all night, you deserve it boo! Coffee to cocktails!

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