Why I Cut My Hair

Why I Cut My Hair: @shaiannedavis

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Shai-Anne’s before and after!

I was born and raised in a predominately white neighbourhood. With my long curls and caramel skin, I stood out like a sore thumb. Growing up in the 90’s/ early 2000’s, social media luckily wasn’t as powerful and in your face as it is today. But nonetheless, society still had control over what was classified as ‘beautiful’. Slim as a stick, bright blue eyes, blond straight hair — everything that I was not.

I started studying magazines and the actresses on TV and comparing myself to these figures. It became a sick obsession, every chance I got to look at my reflection I would. That sick obsession turned into a deep depression which got to the point where I hated who I was and how I looked. I was disgusted with myself. Long story short, I ended up getting the help I needed and started on the journey to loving myself.

These past couple of years, I have been really focusing on self-growth. With that comes recognizing what I still am dependent on in order to make me feel truly beautiful. Yes, I love myself BUT my insecurities still take control of me every now and then.

This past weekend, I decided to make a change… #thebigchop! It was one of the scariest days of my life but in that moment, I felt a release and within the first snip of my hair, I was free. I took control of my insecurities and chose to make a change so that I could prove to myself that I am in no need of anything to feel beautiful…

A true breakthrough and with that I am thankful.

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