Why I Cut My Hair

Why I Cut My Hair: @dorothytoran

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Dorothy on her way to the RHNJ season premier.

I love short hair and love my bald head even more! I am two years in, and I’m definitely living my best life bald!!! After wearing weaves almost my entire adult life, I always dreamed of having the courage to shave my head.

Dorothy before she joined #thecutlife!

Dorothy before she joined #thecutlife!

The more in love I became with myself, the more life joy I experienced as a wife and mother of two beautiful daughters, and the more I became confident in dominating my career as a television executive (I oversee production at the NY-based production company, Sirens Media, where I lead several shows for many networks, including Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey), I finally became ready to go for it!

Dorothy and her daughter Layla

Dorothy and her daughter Layla

I have never felt more beautiful and this for certain is one of the best joy decisions that I have ever made!

Why did you cut your hair? Email your story and before and after photos to marian@livethecutlife.com.

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