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Fashionistas bring social consciousness to New York Fashion week

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I first discovered Shayla aka @randomandchic while strolling down June Ambrose’s Instagram. As soon as I saw Shayla’s photo I shouted “Yaaassss” and I became and instant stan. I loved how she and her crew were combining fashion and social activism during New York Fashion week so of course I had to reach out for an interview.

I love the fact that you are mixing fashion with social activism! What made you decide to take such a bold stand during fashion week? And what impact would you like to make?

The idea first developed after the death of Sandra Bland. Her death really struck a nerve within in me. And I remember just wanting to go to fashion week and wear a shirt with her face on it to fashion week. It would of been my way of saying I stand with Sandra Bland.  But eventually I talked myself out of falling through.  After the death of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille that same thought crept into my head and this time I acted on. And I thought the only thing that could make this even better is to include in more people. There is such a strength in numbers.
I feel like the boldest statement was the four of us together side by side.
The impact I hope to make is to encourage and inspire people to stand in their truth unapologetically. To see the power in unity and using your voice.

Did you design all of the pieces that you wore?

I’m not a designer in the conventional sense. I don’t actually sew clothing. However, I sell vintage clothing mostly online. And all the pieces are from my inventory. I personally painted each piece. I had a very specific vision and was clear on that statement I wanted to make. I new paint on those beautiful garments would bring my vision to life.


Can we buy those pieces online?

I’ve been selling vintage clothing for about five years now.
My website is currently under construction.

I’ve been using Instagram to sell my clothing @wearmychic. I will have more customized pieces that will soon be available for purchase.


Who is your style inspiration?

I have so many style inspirations. My first fashion icon is my Mom. She introduced this world of fashion to me at a very young age and she always allowed me to be a free and expressive spirit.

June Ambrose is a major influence in my life in which I recently bumped into her while in NYC and that was like an out of body experience. I also love Solange, Traci Ellis Ross, Nina Simone, Rachel Zoe and the character Carrie Bradshaw.


I’m living for your Bob! What made you cut your hair into a Bob?

 Believe it or not (and I have the screen shots to prove it) I always turn to The Cut life for my hair inspirations. So, I literally went to your ig page and picked out this style. It was a culmination of the styles listed below. It was done by Labrea Gordon (@thefancygoddess) she is the one pictured in our photos with the pixie cut.
Shayla will be taking over our Snapchat on Tuesday Sept. 20th so be sure to follow LiveTheCutLife on Snapchat!


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