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Chopping it up with Taylor Rooks of CBS Sports Network

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This feature was written by Dawn Montgomery-Greene, the founder of Dawn is also  well-known for her advice on veganism, healthy living and how to deal with bipolar disorder. Follow her on IG at @breakofdmg!

Let us introduce you to this sideline stunner Taylor Rooks! She has worked with Fox Sports, the Big Ten Network, accepted a new position as anchor & reporter for SportsNet New York and will be on the sidelines with CBS Sports Network this football season.

Many fans refer to Taylor as their college football “BAE” but what we see is a young woman going after her dreams. Taylor worked during her college years at the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign to gain the opportunities she is receiving today. She decided that she wanted to do something to separate herself from everyone else that wanted to do sports broadcasting.

She started a blog when she was a freshman majoring in broadcast journalism and used this to show that she had the experience to work behind a sports news desk or on the sidelines. I was fortunate to get to know more about her and her style before we begin this football season.


How are you able to maintain your short style while you travel?

I love the short style. It’s all in the CUT! If you have a good cut and it’s messed up it still works because you’re cut good. I always make sure that I go to my look shaped up and my split ends cut. I’ll wrap it at night, put a little coconut oil on my edges and then wake up and go. If I am just around the house sometimes I will wrap my hair. My short style is easy to maintain on the road.

How did you decide to cut it shorter & allow it to grow fuller compared to the hairstyles you’ve rocked before?

I wanted it to be fuller and I liked how the layers in a bob framed my face. I told my hairstylist that I wanted to do something different and have more volume so she cut it in a long bob. I have been obsessed with it ever since! (Shout out to her hairstylist GAIL) I don’t think I will ever go back to the length my hair was my freshman and sophomore year, because having this short style brings out my facial features. I have a huge nose and now I love it because of my haircut.

Is your hair natural or relaxed?

I am natural and Gail does such a good job with my hair. I want my hair to be healthy. I want my to grow and be shiny. She nourishes my hair so that it can give me the look I want even on my bad hair days.

What special tips has your hairstylist Gail shared with you that helps you maintain your short hairstyle?

Her tips are: Wrap your hair, don’t put it in a ponytail & break it out and just let your hair BE! Also TRIM! Don’t fight the TRIM!

Which line of products do you use on your hair?

My hairstylist Gail loves Cantu and Aveda products so those are the main two lines I use. If I am wearing my hair curly then I will apply Cantu products to my hair.


Let’s talk about glam! What’s your makeup routine to prep for your on-screen work while traveling?

When I am in studio I have a makeup artist and she shares tips that I use while I am traveling. I use Black Opal foundation and concealer with IMAN cosmetics. I love lipsticks, but will add lip gloss to add shine and depth. I use three to four lipsticks to get a fuller look and a richer color.

How did your style evolve?

I feel like you have to dress for your body and what you feel the best in. I definitely don’t think you should be dressed on the sidelines looking like you’re about to go to a club. You want to look nice on screen and I saw what worked for me as I gained experience early on in my career.

I had to work to tone myself up and you’re not working on your body not to dress for it. People feel as if you’re not out there to dress nice and that you’re just out there to do your job. I feel as if you can do both. Women should embrace their femininity and embrace all the things that make them great while doing their job. I was able to figure out what this meant for me and I love pants suits and dresses. Dresses are my thing!


Congrats on your new job! How are you going to find your new glam squad in New York?

Luckily SNY has a list of hairstylists commissioned by them that they have recommended to me. My agent asked if they had black hairstylists and they said yes so I will go see them to see who fits me the best.

What should fans expect from you moving forward in your career of sports broadcasting as you are transitioning into this new position?

I don’t think enough people represent the student-athletes. There’s tons of people that represent the schools, the programs, the money, the coaches and the institutions. I think it’s two-fold. I think there needs to be more people to represent the athletes and to hold the athletes accountable. When something bad happens there’s ton of publicity. I think there needs to be more positivity shared especially during a time like now. It’s important to hear everyone’s story and for people to care more about the well-being of athletes. I will always look to cover this in sports.

Follow Taylor Rooks on Twitter and Instagram at @TaylorRooks and you can listen to her sports podcast here!

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