10 beauty hacks every woman should live by

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Hi, ladies! I absolutely love when I find out new and inventive ways to cheat the system, so why not share them with you?! Below I have 10 beauty hacks that are not only a necessity for every woman but vital for life. Once you’ve incorporated these hacks, you won’t ever go back to your regular routines again!

DIY foundation

Mix your favorite concealer and face moisturizer together and buff out the product on your face to give yourself an effortless look.

Use perfume as a nail polish remover

Are you in a time crunch before heading out and you need to remove your chipped nail polish but don’t have any remover? Try using some perfume! Sounds crazy but it works.

Oily hair?

Do you have naturally oily hair or just used too much product when straightening and don’t have time to get dry shampoo from the store? Apply baby powder in your hair! Shake in the right amount in your hair, massage in to ensure you are getting in your scalp, and brush out the excess.

Thicken eyelashes with baby powder 

Apply your mascara regularly, and then apply baby powder on your lash line with a skinny powder brush, and then finally apply more mascara. You will instantly see the difference in your eyelashes without the excessive clumpy mascara.

Get the perfect winged liner 

An oldie but goodie hack, apply tape on the back of your hand to get rid of the stickiness and then apply near your eye. Draw the line on your eyelid slowly from corner to corner and steadily take the liner along the tape. Viola the perfect wing!

Voluminous hair 

After washing your hair avoid drying it with a towel. Reach for an old t-shirt to dry your hair, sounds weird but it works! Not only will your hair be voluminous it won’t feel dried out and will be more manageable for the next step. An alternative way without washing your hair is using dry shampoo!

Natural makeup remover

Those long days where all I want to do is eat and go to bed I absolutely dread taking off my makeup. I’m out of makeup wipes, and remover solution, so I quickly go for some organic coconut oil! It’s quick and easy and allows me to finish in a snap.

Teeth whitening with baking soda

There’s no need to spend a lot of money on teeth whitening strips, toothpaste, and dread dentist appointments in order for your teeth to be white. You can use strawberries, baking soda, and my personal favorite mix hydrogen peroxide in your favorite mouthwash and give it a swish.

Shave & Go!

Apply Vaseline on the areas you want to shave and then start using your razor. It is not only less time consuming but it also moisturizes your skin as well.

Inexpensive face primer & eye shadow primer

I am guilty of not always using a primer before I apply my foundation but when I want my makeup to last a little longer I use milk of magnesia! That’s right milk of magnesia, I apply lightly on my face, wait for it to dry a little and start applying my foundation. As for eyeshadow primer my quick go to is concealer! Concealer works just as good as any primer and will make your shadows pop.

Live.Laugh.Love. GROW!


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