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#ManCrushMonday: Reek I’van

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Reek I’van’s Instagram bio says it all, he’s the ultimate triple threat and a force to be reckoned with. He has more than 20 thousand followers and is dropping major numbers alongside artists like Bryson Tiller. Despite his popularity, this man still remains humble and reminds us all that we should stay true to who we really are.
Our July #MCM is everything! (Have you seen his bod?) You can catch heavyweights like Yazz aka Hakeem from Empire in his circle of friends and even peep a picture with short stunner Bre-Z. Major key alert, he was even spotted in Dj Khaled’s “I Got The Keys” video featuring Jay-Z and Future.
Let’s get to know Reek and take a peek into his exciting life as a recording artist and model in our Man Crush Monday interview!

Full name: Reek I’van 

IG name: @reek.ivan

Age: 26

Occupation: Recording Artist/Model

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via @reek.ivan

The Cut Life: You’re based in LA but your career takes you around the world. Do you have a favorite place you’ve traveled so far?

Yeah I’m based in Philadelphia and LA, but my favorite place that I’ve traveled to would have to be Cape Town, South Africa. It was amazing. We went to the top of Table Mountain where you have to take the cable cars up. When I went up there, I felt like I really connected with God. Being inside of the clouds literally just praying and talking to God. My life has changed ever since. 

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via @reek.ivan

The Cut Life: Recently you posted a photo with Yazz from Fox’s Empire. Can we be expecting a collab from you two soon?

Oh yeah that’s little bro. You know he’s definitely going to be on the project. We have a lot of things in the works and few movies coming out. 

The Cut Life: Wow that’s awesome, have you acted before?

Well not really but you know I feel like I can do pretty much whatever I put my mind to as far as artistry and entertaining. As long as you got the drive and you’re willing to work for it, you can make it happen.

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via @reek.ivan

The Cut Life: You are a songwriter and a recording artist. What do you want to be most recognized for?

I mean I want to be most recognize from artistry. So for me, being an artist is my first priority. I feel like I pay my dues a written for different people and now I want to be known for my sound and creativity. My artistry, my voice, my message, and my story as an artist is what I want to be known for.

The Cut Life: Yeah, we are def looking forward to your new project. *in my adjust Khaled voice* Soon Come! 

Of course! I pretty much did my whole project in LA but all the producers are from Paris. I’m excited and I’m loving the new sound.

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via @reek.ivan

The Cut Life: Some people might downplay how much hard work it takes to be a model. Would you disagree with that opinion?

I do disagree because it’s not easy. I will say that it’s not easy. When I first tried to model I was about 18 and a few people reached out to me to work from New York for fashion week. We actually did a shoot and it was really hard for me to get into the high fashion industry with my tattoos and beard. They told me I had to shave my beard and modify myself along with doing so many things just to fit in. That kind of discouraged me so I kind of just went hard with my music. I still was taking photos trying to build my portfolio with modeling but my passion is in the music. Now it’s just crazy how things have changed. We’re breaking barriers almost. Now my beard is the biggest it’s ever been. 

The Cut Life: Also with your tattoos, because I saw some of your modeling work was in Paris. I was like I see you, we’re international. 

Exactly. I’m excited and it’s all about timing, it’s all about timing. So I’m happy that now I can still model with my tattoos and my beard. You know everything that makes me, me.

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Reek spotted in the I Got The Keys video alongside Jay-Z and A$AP Ferg.

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