Why I Cut My Hair

Why I Cut My Hair: @kailux

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Why I Cut My Hair: @kailux


After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis on January 1st, 2016 (ugh yes, New Year’s Day), I felt like my life would never be the same, and I was right. I just knew that no man would want to date me or even find me attractive. That made me so depressed. I tried buying new clothes, new makeup, shoes, and of course, bundles! But nothing, and I mean nothing, made me feel “new” or close to normal again.

It was bad enough I was basically paralyzed, so imagine how I was emotionally. Numb.


All my fears at that point were sorta non-existent, so I CUT MY HAIR! Something I thought I would never do! And once I did it, I instantly felt revitalized. Liberated. Sexy and Fearless! Although I was a little worried about cutting my hair, it really made me feel whole because I realized it was just hair and that it WILL grow back. Just like me — I was down for a moment, but I knew I was soon going to get better. And I did! Sounds crazy, but my spirits were lifted and I began to heal physically quicker than ever.

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I’m a new me and I’m loving it! I have MS, MS doesn’t have me! My life has changed but it can only get better from here. Thanks for having this inspiring page/site! And who knew cutting my hair would help me get through such a hard time? I love The Cut Life!

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