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The best haircuts for your face shape pt. 2: oblong, diamond & triangle

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Last year, we posted “The best haircuts for your face shape,” that featured the best styles for women with round, oval, heart and square face shapes. In the comments section, one of our stunners Funmi asked about other “less common” face shapes such as oblong, and what would be the best styles for them. Well, we have the answers!

Here’s part two of the best haircuts for your face shape, featuring oblong, diamond and triangle shapes.


Oblong or “rectangular” faces are similar to oval and square-shaped faces. The only difference is that the face is longer and less wide, and the forehead, cheeks, and jawline should be the same length. Bobs work best for this face shape because the style is universally flattering. Try a textured bob with some volume to bring a bit of width to your face, or keep it sleek to accentuate your long, slender face.


@iamjypsywhite’s asymmetrical bob



@ciara’s voluminous, textured bob


Diamond faces are similar to heart-shaped faces, except your hairline is more narrow and your chin is more angular than what’s seen with the heart shape. To avoid making your hairline and face look more narrow than it already is, avoid sporting looks that keep your hair in your face, like heavy bangs or voluminous bobs. Instead, consider rocking a pixie with a deep side part. Or, for ladies who like a little more spunk, try a shaved side look to open up your face


@amandizzllee’s stunning shaved side look




@diamondmarett’s deep side part


Triangle faces have jawlines that are wider and fuller than the forehead and cheekbones. Also, the triangle face shape can be seen on women with rounder, softer features, as well as on women with more square, angular features. With that in mind, women with the triangle face shape can certainly look to styles for round and square faces to find inspiration.

If you’d like to slim your jawline, try a sleek asymmetrical bob. Or, you can bring balance by trying a style that will “widen” your forehead and cheekbones, like a choppy pixie with some volume or a short, curly fro.


image2 (2)

@createddlove’s sleek berry-colored bob


@yariszbeth's short cinnamon fro

@yariszbeth’s short cinnamon fro

Stay tuned for in-depth articles on each face shape! Don’t see your shape here? Check out our previous face shape post

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