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Ask The Expert: How Do You Grow Your Hair When It’s Relaxed?

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Q via @boss_dior : What is the proper way to grow your hair back with relaxed hair?

A: The key to growing your hair out with relaxed hair is moisture, moisture, moisture! Relaxers take a lot from your hair so you have to put something back into it. Keeping it moisturized will help protect from some of the damage relaxers can cause and prevent excessive breakage and unnecessary hair loss.

About The Expert: Ray D. –

RayDMy name is Ray D. and I’m a celebrity hairstylist who has worked in the entertainment industry for over 7 years. I specialize in all kinds of hair but currently my favorite style to give my clients are different types of bob haircuts. Hair care is a really big part of my daily routine with my clients. Not only do I want your hair to look good, I want it to feel good and be healthy as well.






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