Shaquille Oneal gave our creative director a surprise ride!

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What would you do if legendary, NBA player Shaquille ONeal surprised you as your #UndercoverLyft driver? Probably the same thing that I did, try not to laugh! Last month, Uber’s closest competitor, Lyft, emailed me and said that I was one of their top riders in Atlanta and then asked if I would be willing to participate in a training video for the company. It sounded like fun so I obliged. During the morning of the filming day, Lyft sent a car to pick me up and take me to set. Once I got there, I signed a release and then I was ready to take my “training video” ride.

As soon as I hopped in the car, I saw Shaquille ONeal in the driver’s seat wearing a black wig and a chocker necklace. I was stunned! So stunned that I got nervous. I tried my best not to giggle during the whole ride and act as if I didn’t know. He said his name was Kenny and asked who my favorite athlete was. I said “Serena Williams” to which he replied “tennis isn’t a sport.” Love him! The hilarious questions and banter went on for about 7 minutes as we drove around a neighborhood. Then he took his wig off to reveal whom he was. Even though I knew it was him, it still felt like magic when he took the wig off.

I love customer appreciation so this experience really warmed my heart. Thank you Lyft and Shaq! 

Check out a quick glimpse of my ride in the video above. Don’t blink or you’ll miss me! (Hint: I’m at the 1:44 mark).



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