Should you think about using Thinx period panties?

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Like clockwork, we all have that delightful monthly reminder of our femininity. I first experienced this delight 3 days before my 10th birthday. Crazy right?! So I feel like I’m a menstrual cycle expert as this point. I’m always curious about various forms of absorbency such as the diva cup or menstrual underwear, so a few months ago I decided it was time to try one. After a coin toast (kidding) I decided to research more about the menstrual underwear created by She Thinx.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 2.25.36 AMThe She Thinx team created the menstrual underwear for women and transgender women (women transitioning to men) who wanted break the period taboo. The cool part about this product is that you save money each year because you aren’t purchasing as many tampons or pads and it comes in a number of absorbencies  and styles.

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I enlisted the help of our fabulous ambassador, Avielle Amor, to review the product and let us know if it’s a cool as it seems. Check out her video review and comment below with your thoughts.


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