Lightweight makeup tips to beat the heat

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While we as women enjoy getting vitamin D from the sun during the summer, the one thing we cannot stand is runny makeup. With the heat getting hotter by the minute, hitting the dab when it comes to your makeup is a no no. Instead, here are seven lightweight makeup tips to help you beat the heat!

1. Primer

The little secret most women don’t know is that primer is literally the foundation to a flawless face. All you need to do is find a primer that will compliment your skin — whether it’s oily, normal, dry or combination. Then take a pint size on your finger and rub it all over your face and then let the beating the face begin!

2. Color corrector

Another trick to lightweight makeup is to color correct those stubborn blemishes, dark marks or pimples that you need to vanish. Since women usually use foundation to cover up, the color corrector acts as a veil, thus allowing you to use less foundation rather than just caking it on.

3. BB Cream

After its climb to fame a year or two ago, BB cream is still a great alternative than a foundation for the days the temperature is on death level heat during the summer.

4. Beauty Blender

This isn’t exactly makeup, but it’s so essential to have. Instead of using your foundation brush this sponge can, literally, better apply your foundation. Not only is it good for great application, but also it makes you use less makeup!

5. Liquid liner

Liquid liner has always been beneficial for not only summer looks but also for long-lasting looks. Give and take liquid liner can be sometimes stubborn to apply when you’re trying to do a cute cat eye, but you can be guaranteed that it won’t ever smudge.

6. Cream or gel blush

Ditch the powder blush and go with an easy cream blush that you just dab on if you’re looking for warmness in your cheeks.

7. Finishing spray

The finishing spray is the icing on the cake for any great look. Once you’ve done with your lightweight makeup, the finishing spray seals the deal. I always tend to go for a mattifying finish spray.

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