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Hair Envy: @kshamarc

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Full Name: K Shamar Clay

Instagram Handle: @kshamarc

Hometown: Fort Washington, Maryland

Current City/State or Country of Residence: Maryland  (DMV)

  1. How long have you been living The Cut Life? — I’d say about 4 years now, I went from a full head of hair to a bob then to a short boy cut. What are your go-to hair essentials for maintaining your cut & style? Having bleached hair, I have to always keep my hair moisturized. My goal products are coconut oil and alcohol free gel. I stay away from products that have color added to them.
  2. What are your beauty and makeup must have products? — I’m big on skin care, I have so many face scrubs/cleanser it’s crazy. But I always seem to go back to one of my favorite  cleanser’s which is Cetaphil and Cortizone. As far as my make-up must have, I’d have to say the Glamolash mascara xxl by Rodial.
  3. What is your current occupation and what are your career goals and aspirations? — I’m currently an accountant, my ultimate career goal is to be a fashion designer.  
  4. What is a hobby or interest that people would be surprised to know you have? — I have this crazy obsession with building stuff, mainly involving electrical work.
  5. What quote or piece of advice do you live by? — Always be thankful.
  6. What would you say to a woman who is thinking about cutting her hair for the first time? — My best advice would be to purchase a short wig first before taking such a bold leap.

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