Why I Cut My Hair

Why I Cut My Hair: @ccruthy

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I actually went short due to having my hair another type of hairstyle. I was getting ready to finish college, and I decided that I wanted to change up my hair. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing, which it tends to usually be for me. I buzzed half of my hair and left the other side long. I left it like this for a couple years, and even got extensions so one side of my head was super long and thick and the other side had a complete opposite look: completely buzzed.

My boyfriend (at the time) loved this hairstyle on me ( I knew he especially loved the extensions I had in because they looked so naturally long) he would tell me multiple times that this is what he liked. He would also bring it up in random conversations that his ex had very long, thick hair and that was one of his favorite features about her — well I guess women in general.

I paid no attention to his comments, really. I’m glad he had liked it, but also knowing myself, I knew I would want to try something else. I decided again, on a random day that I wanted to start growing my hair back. I decided the best way to do this was to start over, from scratch.

I went to this little boutique salon close to where I lived and told the stylist what I wanted. I said I wanted to completely shave my head. Once she had done it, I couldn’t believe not only the way I looked, but the way I felt! I felt like a new woman. I knew from that moment on, I didn’t want to grow my hair back, but I wanted to keep it this short, which was SHORT! I couldn’t get over the way I felt on the inside.


The relationship I had with the guy did not last. I remember every other week I would go to get it buzzed, and soon started adding color to it. He would say: “You got it cut again. I thought we agreed you were going to grow it back.” I would tell him: “No, you agreed. I love my hair like this, and I want to maintain it this way!” I could tell every other week I would go to get it buzzed or touched up, the more frustrated he would become. It made me realize that he should love it if I love it.

Beauty is how you feel on the inside, and if you feel confident and that you can be yourself in your own skin that is the true beauty of it all! I have loved my hair short since! I currently work at an amazing salon and can’t tell you how incredible it is to see clients come in and out going even as short as myself. It’s beautiful to me to see how much more confident they are, and that they can breathe for the first time because they feel like themselves.

All women deserve to feel beautiful and a lot of that beauty has to come through on the inside first! I know I didn’t realize how much you could even do with short hair until I went this short. I want every woman out there to know that if you want to go short — do it! You only live once. Hair is just hair. It will grow back. I just choose to keep mine this way! <3

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