Curlfest 2016 recap

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I’ve literally had the 2016 Curlfest event on my calendar for a year. I remember seeing last year’s event and vowed to myself to attend the 2016 curly hair, lovers festival. 

The event started with a press announcement from the event’s founders and then a yoga class by ORS Hair Care. 

As soon as 1pm hit, the line of 2,000+ attendees started to take form. The festival was free for attendees but #Curlfest asked attendees to register online so that they could reserve product bags for each guest. And for press, product bags didn’t have trial size products. No, no! They had tons of full sized products from the over 15 brands on-site. Some of the most memorable brand activations where from Shea Moisture, Ouidad and Tropical Isle Living

And of course my faaaaavorite part of the event was seeing all of the beautiful hairstyles from every who attended. It was so beautiful, filling and empowering. Kudos to the founders of Curlfest for having the provision and tenacity to create this beautiful event. 

Me @MayaTable and @Passport2pretty

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