5 Ways To Maintain Your Body Confidence This Summer

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Hello loves, the summer has officially arrived and it’s sundress season, shorts peaking, abs popping, and melanin is in full effect! In my previous post, I shared my personal workout playlist entitled “The Get Right Gym Playlist” where you can pick motivating songs to help you achieve your summer time fine body!

BUT, let’s be honest — working out every day isn’t always ideal and that’s perfectly okay. Sometimes we crave chicken and waffles for dinner rather than a kale salad (don’t worry no one is judging you). You can still strut your stuff with all your curves and edges beautifully this summer and do it with confidence. I’m going to give you 5 ways to maintain you body confidence this summer, so get out your pencil and pad.

Remember, YOU are appreciated!



Before you begin your morning routine, look at the beautiful reflection of yourself in the mirror. Take a minute or two and compliment yourself.  Just taking a moment to appreciate you being you can go a long way. That compliment leads to a smile, a smile leads to positive thinking in the morning, to the afternoon, and to the entire day! “Hey girl, you’re having a good brow day and oh snap I think your butt is getting a little bigger OKAY!”

It’s time to celebrate!



Throw away any mindset or distraction from social media, television, or commercials that are pushing the idea that your beauty and body has to be this one shape. Just STOP! Beauty comes in all shapes and wonderful sizes and celebrating your body is important. Let’s celebrate all the wonderful things your body can do. It doesn’t matter if it is big or small like dancing, running,  jumping, or even skipping. Write down all the things you love about your body from your head to your toes. Throw on your favorite song that gets you moving and shaking what your momma gave you! *Cues Rihanna’s Work*

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Photo credit: @afropunk

Photo credit: @afropunk

Beauty and body go hand and hand, and when you feel good about both it definitely shows. All of a sudden you carry yourself better, your shoulders are pushed back with your head held high. Confidence will always be key, and with confidence, you allow yourself to be more open, willing, and accepting of your unique beauty.

You wear the clothes, don’t let the clothes WEAR you.



A common misconception is that women need to show everything they have during the summer just to get noticed or feel good. But do you honestly feel good half naked and in unbreathable fabric? No! Wear clothes that highlight your favorite features in a grown woman way and make sure it’s comfortable. Rock that perfect outfit that once you put it on, you automatically give yourself a pat on the back before anyone else gives you a compliment on it.

Treat yourself!



With the summer arriving, there are a ton of activities you can do with friends and family and most importantly yourself. Go out and about and treat yourself to a manicure/pedicure, try out a new hairstyle, or even go shopping. Anything you can do to make yourself happy, smile, and really feel great about yourself, I dare you to do it! Do not feel any type of guilt because you didn’t workout like you wanted to. If you want to workout, there is still time to get your fitness on! If not, who cares? Do you boo! What I do suggest is that you take care of your body and feed it properly, try not to go overboard with the temptations of greasy foods.

Just remember this:

Having confidence isn’t just a state of mind, it is the way of life. Realize this, you are beautiful inside and out with your glowy skin, defined lips, and an outstanding body. Shut down those negative thoughts, and don’t let anyone or anything tell you or make you feel differently. Stop trying to conform your body to match the ones you see on Instagram because even their bodies aren’t that perfect, filters and photoshop are lol! Don’t waste your summer in the house, go out and have fun and show off your shape to the world confidently.

“And as we let our own light shine. We unconsciously give other people
the permission to do so
.”-  Nelson Mandela

Live. Love. Laugh. GROW!


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