5 Places You Can Meet Your Potential Bae This Summer

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We all know being single is pretty freaking fantastic, but those late nights with the girls can get old quick. Your friend will hold your hair back after you’ve had one too many but who is going to hold you down at night? *crickets chirping* Exactly! Stop swiping on Tinder and get back on the horse, gorgeous! Let’s think of a game plan and take on these tips this summer with 5 ways to meet your potential bae.

I know it can be a little scary with putting yourself out there sometimes, but you have nothing to lose and so much to gain. The cute guy that always asks you what time it is at the gym might be bae of the day. Don’t sleep! Let’s keep an open mind and see where life might take you on your bae journey.

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  1. Yoga In The Park

No seriously, yoga in the park is a thing and it can be quite fun. You’re looking for the perfect spot to place your mat and you spot a cutie across the way. Don’t be shy and politely place your mat next to his. Spark up some conversation and you might just have met your summer fling or maybe just a cool exercise partner. It’s honestly up to you.

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      2. Sporting Events

We are at the tail end of basketball season but baseball has just begun. Don’t get extra and come to the game geared down in a team you barely know anything about. Keep it subtle in a simple baby doll dress, chucks, and a baseball cap. Guys love a girl that can be one of the guys! This situation is basically effortless, someone will pop up on your way to concessions.

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     3. Sneaker Store

Ahh, summer time and a fresh pair of all white sneakers is always the move on a Saturday afternoon. You probably already know what you want but ask the sneakerhead looking at the Jordan’s what he thinks about a pair of shoes you’re trying on. Dudes love feeling wanted or like you need their help for something.

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    4. Friends and Family Cookout

Hopefully the friends outweigh the family during this year’s 4th of July cookout. Bring your most famous dish amongst your friends and you will get the fellas talking. Surprisingly a woman that can throw down is super rare in this day and age. Future bae will be in your ear as soon as he has a bite of your potato salad, trust!

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     5. Salsa/Dancing Classes

Feeling a little spicy? Sign up for some partner dancing classes! Singles are always trying new things and this would be perfect for some intense connection with a complete stranger. Don’t worry your instructor will make sure you two get extremely comfortable with one another as soon as it stops being awkward with all eyes on you from your classmates.

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