20 summer fashion essentials you need RIGHT now

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You probably feel like you just did spring cleaning and cleared out your closet for spring’s wardrobe. This is in fact true, but you might of missed a few things on your shopping list that will lead you to the promised land for the beginning of summer. There’s items you must have for spring due to inconsistent weather like a fly pair of Chelsea rain boots or a dope lightweight trench coat.

Well summer is here, and all you know is it’s hot and you’re in survival mode trying not to pass out from the heat. We know you’re like, “Forget it! It’s too hot to be a lick of cute. I’m going out in these workout shorts and a tank top.” It’s all fun and games until you run into somebody you know and they just read this blog post and re-up’d on their summer pieces. Let’s turn this summer out in style with 20, yes TWENTY, summer essentials!



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1.Body Suit

Body suits and leotards are great for those days when you don’t want to put too much thought into what you’re wearing. Very simple and straight to the point. Every on-the-go type of gal needs one of these pieces for their closet.

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2. Funky Slides

These cute and comfortable slides are super versatile for the summer. They are most definitely something you need to have for a day at the pool. But they can also can be worn with a simple bodycon midi dress for lunch with some friends.

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3. On Trend Sunnies

Trendy sunnies are a no brainer for something you need to buy for the summer days ahead. You’re being burnt by the sun so of course you’re going to be blinded as well. Ger a pair with cat eyes or a pair with reflective lens to get some attention while you’re running errands.

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4. Pins & Iron-Ons

Pins and iron-ons are probably one of my fav trends floating around. They can make a simple pair of jeans a staple piece your friends are always asking you about or even wanting to borrow. Keep collecting and you will be creating fashion statements in no time.

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5. Basic Crop Tops

So we already know what it is when it comes to crop tops. We need them in every color and a dad hat to top of the perfect chill look. Make sure your bottoms are outgoing or to pair them with some offset sneakers to spice up your outfit.

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6. Tazzle Sandals

Tazzle sandals are beyond adorable and can set off any solid colored maxi dress. I’m particularly fond of the ones with lace up straps when paired with distressed shorts or even a denim romper.

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7. Fringed Jeans

This trend has been super popular this year with your favorite bloggers and models like Kendall Jenner. They put an European twist on an all American pair of jeans. They usually are cropped and look best with a pair of flats or sneakers.

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8. Distressed Midi Skirt

In a Kim K mood? Pick up a midi distressed skirt! These go well with simple body suits and crop tops. The fit of the skirt makes any look seem effortless when dressing it up or down.

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9. One-piece Swimsuit

Having an one-piece in your drawer is always a smart way to go. I mean you look slim no matter what especially if you go with black. It gives you a mature and sexy feel rather than going with a triangle shaped bikini.

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10. Dainty Jewelry

Small and pretty jewelry is put well with casual date outfits. If you are wearing a high neckline you wouldn’t want to put on a necklace so have fun with different rings and bracelets to accessorize your look. It makes you look put together without took much work.

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11. Block Heels

Block heels are perfect for the summer time because you’re always walking and moving to the next event. With so much on your schedule it’s good to take away the pressure on your feet wearing a heel that’s easy to walk in. Plus they’re chic as ever!

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12. Workout Gear

Leaving the house to “workout” or just a quick run to the grocery store requires a bomb gym combo. It’s a cool change of pace when you can actually look like you have it together in a cute illusion from Nike or Ivy Park.

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13. White Jeans

Hey girl hey, it’s finally time for white jeans! Pair these with a white top if you’re feeling Godly or a denim to give you a chic yet casual finish. These always look great with lace up heels and sandals to give you that grown & sexy finish.

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14. Dressy Casual Romper

A dressy yet casual romper is needed during these summer months for many occasions. Art shows, surprise dinner dates with bae, and cookouts with close friends; you name it, you’ll need it! Rompers are also an easy decision when you don’t have time to find a top and bottom when looking for an ensemble.

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15. Off The Shoulder Top

Wow, how can a plain shirt look this cute? It’s all in the shoulders gals, or should I say non-shoulders? These pretty tops are surprisingly fit with a pair of denim overalls or shorts to dress up a casual day time look. Don’t forget your big hoops and dangly earrings to accessorize!

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16. White Sneakers

Most of your clothes are going to be cool and pastel colors so nobody wants to pair your black sneakers from the winter with these fits. White sneakers give off the quirky and preppy vibe every pair jeans needs.

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17. Logo T-Shirt

Love, love, love logo tees! Wishing I had every popular brand from the 90s in my closet. From Tommy to Calvin these t-shirts are so hip with a pair of high waist bottoms. Making your relaxed look more fancy with some high end brands that you can’t get enough of.

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18. Straw Beach Hat

Beach hats are even a thing on a regular day out. Wear a straw hat to complete a daytime look. I like seeing these hats with white button ups & denim shorts or even a floral sundress to set the tone for a picnic feel.

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19. Jersey or T-Shirt Dress

Stunt stunners in an old school basketball jersey! Strut in a pair of gladiator sandals or lace up heels to make the trend more feminine. Shoot if you want rock your Js with this look that’s cool too. It’s summertime and it’s all about what makes you comfortable in this hot weather.

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20. High Waist Shorts

What would this list be without a pair of high waist shorts? These trendy bottoms or more than versatile. You can dress them up or down. Wear them with a t-shirt tucked in for a casual outing or a low cut bodysuit when you go out on the town with the gals.

How will you rock your summer essentials this season?

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