Why I Cut My Hair

Why I Cut My Hair: @kay_b_luv

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@kay_b_luv’s hair evolution

A lot of y’all been asking “Why did you shave your hair?” Well, here’s the reason why:

Growing up, I was always teased about the hook in the back of my head or my 5-head in the front, and I let those words become a part of me. So when I was 17, I said to myself: “You know what — if don’t nobody love you, you better love you, and even on your worst days you still killin’ it.” So I decided that after I graduated high school, I was going to cut my hair short (Because that way I wouldn’t have to deal with the extra teasing from other girls and the teacher I got bullied by). I felt like in order for me to love my head shape, I would need to put myself into a vulnerable position to where I would have no choice but to embrace it and fall in love.

So May 9, 2015 I cut my hair short and I was loving it. I was really feeling myself but then I thought: “Yoooo you could do so much better! You’re still hiding behind your crown. You better werrk that baldy — don’t be scared hontey!” So on September 14, 2015 I asked myself: “I wonder how I would look bald ?” (Yes, I ask myself a lot of questions.) But I didn’t ask any more after that, and I took them clippers and started cutting my hair before I let my fear get the best of me!

I’m 18 at this time by now (birthday is May 30), but once those clippers touched my head a new me was birthed! I felt LIBERATED. I realized I put most of my identity in my hair and not in my GOD. Once I put it [my identity] in him I immediately realized that I am not wearing my Crown I AM my Crown! I faced a fear of mine and I over came a deep insecurity. I guess beautiful things do come outside of your comfort zone.

Looking back at my younger years, I realized out of my head grew insecurities so I shaved it off. I am powerful! I am not what the haters claim me to be. I am Me — Me Brittany who has broken free from “SHAVED INSECURITIES.” Now whoever is reading this right now, I want you to break free from whatever is keeping you from being you.

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Stay blessed & be free.

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  1. Layajovan

    August 26, 2016 at 11:52 am

    You look beautiful and if we all realized that the same people whose thoughts we worry about so much are the same people with the deepest insecurities that they want to reflect onto you. Be beautiful in your skin and thanks for sharing.

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