Why I Cut My Hair

Why I Cut My Hair: @kay_b_luv

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@kay_b_luv’s hair evolution

A lot of y’all been asking “Why did you shave your hair?” Well, here’s the reason why:

Growing up, I was always teased about the hook in the back of my head or my 5-head in the front, and I let those words become a part of me. So when I was 17, I said to myself: “You know what — if don’t nobody love you, you better love you, and even on your worst days you still killin’ it.” So I decided that after I graduated high school, I was going to cut my hair short (Because that way I wouldn’t have to deal with the extra teasing from other girls and the teacher I got bullied by). I felt like in order for me to love my head shape, I would need to put myself into a vulnerable position to where I would have no choice but to embrace it and fall in love.

So May 9, 2015 I cut my hair short and I was loving it. I was really feeling myself but then I thought: “Yoooo you could do so much better! You’re still hiding behind your crown. You better werrk that baldy — don’t be scared hontey!” So on September 14, 2015 I asked myself: “I wonder how I would look bald ?” (Yes, I ask myself a lot of questions.) But I didn’t ask any more after that, and I took them clippers and started cutting my hair before I let my fear get the best of me!

I’m 18 at this time by now (birthday is May 30), but once those clippers touched my head a new me was birthed! I felt LIBERATED. I realized I put most of my identity in my hair and not in my GOD. Once I put it [my identity] in him I immediately realized that I am not wearing my Crown I AM my Crown! I faced a fear of mine and I over came a deep insecurity. I guess beautiful things do come outside of your comfort zone.

Looking back at my younger years, I realized out of my head grew insecurities so I shaved it off. I am powerful! I am not what the haters claim me to be. I am Me — Me Brittany who has broken free from “SHAVED INSECURITIES.” Now whoever is reading this right now, I want you to break free from whatever is keeping you from being you.

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Stay blessed & be free.

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