Why I Cut My Hair

Why I Cut My Hair: @chasing_dom

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Having long hair, especially the softer texture, is a security blanket. You will find that some women would love to mix it up, but they’re afraid of showing themselves when it’s much easier to hide behind what everyone accepts as attractive — long hair. The unfortunate truth behind most black women and weaves is this: “We already stand out by being black. Do we have to stand out with nappy hair too?”

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I’ve been in the Air Force for over six years and four of which were Active Duty. There is an actual regulation that states that your hair cannot exceed more that 3 inches in bulk, so I basically couldn’t rock my hair big and natural even if I wanted to. When having thick, coarse hair is generally looked upon as undesirable, most of us would rather blend in with the masses. In my case especially, wearing extensions was an easy way to achieve European beauty standards, but the key is that these thoughts weren’t deliberate. I wasn’t fully conscious of this until I got rid of the extensions. Not only do most men encourage us to have long flowing hair yet spend time disgracing us for wearing weave, but we as women do it to each other. We can’t win when we live by the standards of others. Cutting my hair taught me that.

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I debated cutting my hair for over two years, probaly closer to three. Over this time period, I was unsure of the haircut that I wanted, whether it would suit my face, whether or not I should use a relaxer for maximum “laid” appeal, and if I didn’t use a relaxer would I look a hot mess? Would my boyfriend love it? Would I look too old? So many factors to consider here. I discovered @thecutlife and it changed EVERYTHING. Not only did I have a catalogue of styles for inspiration but there are thousands of women who are living in their short hair truth and not hiding behind hair. FINALLY!


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My first move was to remove the weave and wear my natural hair, without relaxer. I had my stylist cut it into a bob and because I didn’t have chemicals sizzling my hair, I was able to get some color! I also realized how much I’d missed direct access to my scalp and the ability to throw my hair up but I knew I was still chickening out. I needed to chop it off. But what would it look like and should I really do it? I went back to @thecutlife for some fire and I did it.

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It took me three years of debating to go this short and I’ve gained MORE confidence than I ever had with long hair. I feel more like myself and I feel bold. I can’t thank The Cut Life enough. When I left Active Duty military I felt like I needed to find my footing again in life and my career. Me cutting my hair, and going about it naturally, has been such a fresh start to my new life.


I’m so thankful for where I am now. It’s hard for black women, specifically, to feel beautiful without long, tame mane whether it be from our scalp or someone else’s. The Cut Life shows us that there are other forms of beauty, and we need to cherish and embrace them all.

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Forever Changed,

Dominique Lott

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