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If there was ever a walking definition of style and beauty, it would definitely have to be @CaxMee.  At the age of 14, she was diagnosed with bone & lung cancer and given 3 weeks to live. But she beat the odds with an experimental drug and luck. Surviving cancer came with a price; she had her right leg amputated.

Today she walks with a prosthetic leg along with two forearm crutches. “I also couldn’t ignore my undeniable love for fashion. Being bionic can’t possibly be boring,” says the travel, fashion and lifestyle blogger who has been featured on some of our favorite blogs such as Buzzfeed and Refinery 29.

I haven’t been too content about the mainstream imagery of beauty. I’ve made it my personal mission to infiltrate the “beauty industry”- Walking  down the street with crutches and a prosthetic leg, people often shout “you go girl! you’re still beautiful” STILL?…. I AM beautiful and I’m here to show you how beautiful I am inside and out.

Watch the full video above filmed by @ImaniNikyah and interviewed by @sumthin_dope.

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photos via @caxmee


Cover photo via @nikolatamindzic 

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