Oprah’s Thoughts on Falling In Love

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Oprah is one of — if not the most — successful women on the planet. She changed the T.V. game with her self-titled show, “Oprah,” started “O” magazine, owns her own television network and still manages to find time to be an exceptional actress.

Oprah often talks about how she achieved success in her career, and she recently opened up about how she found success in relationships in The Huffington Post’s “Talk to me” series — I mean, look at her 30-year relationship with Stedman!

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According to Oprah, the key to success in relationships doesn’t start with your partner, but with yourself (Preach, honey). Here’s some of what Queen O had to say:

What I know for sure about love has certainly evolved because when I was your age, I was an absolute fool and I did some really, really stupid things. Like going through his wallet to see if there was anybody else’s phone number, going through his jacket, getting in my car to follow him. Any time you’re in a car following anybody anywhere to see if they’re actually see if they’re telling the truth, pull over and call the nearest mental hospital and check yourself in because it means you have now lost your mind.

I’ve been that crazy girl, sitting in front of the house waiting on him to come out. I’ve been that crazy girl who waited and waited and waited and waited for a phone call and didn’t even run my bathwater because the bathwater would be too loud and I couldn’t hear my phone ring.

The reason I can speak so candidly about it is because I’ve lived it, you know? I’ve been the girl who was the doormat. I ran across some old love letters that I’d written when I was about your age. And, oh lord, I didn’t think a shredder could them thin enough. I thought, “I want no record on earth that I was this big of an idiot!” I read some of those letters, and I sat in my closet and cried for this woman I used to be.

I was looking for someone to fill the hole inside me. It took me a long time to figure out that I’ve got to fill that hole for myself. There is no job, there is no man who can do that for me.

Check out the full video below to get some extra pearls of wisdom.

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