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Hair Envy: @Beckisendra

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Full Name: Rebecca Miranda Sendra
Instagram: @Beckisendra 
Hometown: Bronx, New York
Current city/ State or Country of Residence: Portland, Oregon
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1. How long have you been living The Cut Life? — I wanna say it’s almost been 3 years now since I cut my hair short and I’m so happy I did! 3 years ago I had something very traumatizing happen to me and hid in my room for months not feeling pretty. After awhile I finally got the courage to get back to  work and started working for this amazingly talented locally owned salon & spa called Spoiled Spa and Salon. The owner is April Allen and she was the one who re-invented  me and gave me the style, the cut and the confidence that I have today, I owe a lot of thanks to that young woman. I sat down in her chair and told her I wanted to cut all my hair off. I felt like I hid behind my long locks and wanted a drastic change to start fresh. I’ve never felt more like myself until I cut my hair short.
2. What are your go-to hair essentials for maintaining your cut and style? — Olaplex! If you are ever considering going blonde, invest in this product. It will strengthen your hair and push it to its limit with still keeping it nice and soft. Also, purple shampoo and conditioner to counteract any yellow or brassy undertones and make your blonde more silver/white, Style Sexy Hair 450° Blow Out for protecting my hair before blow drying and any heat styling. Oh and lastly, can’t forget my Redken Triple Take 32 Hairspray for a strong hold to keep my hair style in place throughout the day with it still being touchable and soft.@Beckisendra (3)
3. What are your beauty and makeup must have products? — For beauty products I would say Clean and Clear exfoliating scrub, GLAMGLOW Gravity mud mask, First Aid Beauty radiance pads for my toner, and Murad’s Oil Control Matifier, all these products leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed.  My must have makeup products would definitely be Smashbox primer, Urban Decay’s ‘All nighter’ spray to set my makeup, MAC’s Prolong Wear foundation, MAC Mineralized concealer, MAC’s highlighting powder in ‘Sunkissed’, any of LimeCrime’s Velvetine’s, and of course I can’t forget my Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz pencil to define my brows. Love every single one of these products! I love playing with makeup in general so I have quite a collection of different products.
4. What is your current occupation and what are your career goals and aspirations? — My current occupation is a full time Server at Cinetopia which is definitely hard work. I have the outgoing personality to do so much more but my career goal is still undecided, there are so many things I enjoy doing but I never know which one would be a good choice for me, it becomes a challenge when other people put down your dreams. As for my aspirations, I would like to be in the industry of fashion, whether it be me doing the hair and makeup of the models or actually being the model.
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5. What is a hobby or interest that people would be surprised to know that you have? — A hobby I really enjoy lately is going to huge music festivals and concerts and dressing up very artistic and fashion forward for the shows.  I highly recommend everyone experience a good music festival at least once in their lives, I promise it is life changing.
6. What quote or piece of advise do you live by?  — “For what it’s worth: It’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start over.”  –  F. Scott Fitzgerald
7. What would you say to a women who is thinking about cutting her hair for the first time? — There will come a time when you want to cut off all your hair. Do it. Realize that the thing you want rid of doesn’t lie in the long curls that frame your face so perfectly. Live with short hair for a while. It’ll grow!

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