The Cut Life in DC at Broccoli Fest 2016 

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Hello, Cut Life stunners! It’s Ann Wynn here, bringing you a brief recap of the 2016 Broccoli Festival in Washington, D.C.!

Ann Wynn at Broccoli Fest.

Ann Wynn at Broccoli Fest.

As we all know, summer is almost upon us, and what more is there to look forward to than a music festival that brings the entire city together in one place? It is events like these that makes me love my city even more because of how much work we collectively put in to make DC be known for so much more than JUST politics, and this festival is no exception.

However, I know many of you non-DC natives think Broccoli Festival is kind of an odd name, but in short – it is put together by Broccoli City, a group based here in the District. Their aim is to use their platform to engage urban millennials from around the world on healthy eating and environmental sustainability, hence, Broccoli Festival.


Sango on the 1s and 2s.

This past Saturday was filled with vendors selling items with great causes for donation and charity, as well as live art and amazing food trucks. More than anything, I think we love just running into friends we havent seen in a while, catching up, and basically just having a great time enjoying the first festival in the District to kick off festival season for the summer.

For those of us who couldnt make it to Coachella, the woes of missing out on yet another year could maybe possibly be made up for with our beloved Future Hendrix performing. Thanks to The Cut Life, I was blessed with photo pit media passes, but unfortunately was not able to catch all of the sets myself due to the set up. Security started to get a little weird once bae, Jhene Aiko performed, and I am truly and deeply saddened that Future did not want any media. It was like, I was saving up all of my energy just specifically for his set and got snubbed, and ended up still having to catch his performance from very far away 🙁



The Internet hyping up the Broccoli Fest crowd.



Everybody’s favorite Cali babe, Jhene Aiko.

However, my amazing photographer, Emanuel Canjura ( held it down for The Cut Life team and managed to snag the photos during some of the other sets (Sango and BJ The Chicago Kid) that I couldnt get. Nonetheless, I had an awesome time frolicking around even when it started to rain. I was freezing and felt a cold coming on, but there was nothing but love in the air as Future performed his hits as well as a Prince tribute. Ill be putting together a short vlog of a few of the performances so stay tuned guys! 


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