7 Tips For Transitioning To Natural Hair

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Being a part of The Cut Life, I sometimes fall victim to hair envy and post a picture that I find myself secretly wanting to try a style my hair will need chemical assistance to achieve. I decided that I wanted a pixie cut after posting countless perfect pixies even though I knew very well it would require a perm. Welp, my dream pixie lasted a little less than 6 months. I was OVER it. I decided to break up with the creamy crack….again….and go crawling back to natural. I was actually at a really great place with my natural hair before deciding to relax it so I just figured stop the perms and your hair will get back right….WRONG!

I’ve decided not to Big Chop just yet and it’s been a learning process for me and my hair.  I’m still finding the best products for my hair and figuring out what is and isn’t working overall. I started taking The Mane Choice pills when I decided to go back to natural in an attempt to speed up the growth to a cute TWA process. I’m very close to a length where I think I’ll be ready to cut off the relaxed ends of my hair but, in the mean time, I do have to make this hair of mine work.  That’s partially why I wanted to share a few of the tips I’ve learned & am using during this time.


When I get busy, I tend to deep condition my hair less which is a big NO-NO! Natural hair needs a lot of conditioning and it seems like while transitioning, your hair needs even more conditioner. Right now my favorite store bought deep conditioner is Shea Moisture Strengthen, Grow & Restore Treatment MasqueI deep condition twice a week and one of those times, I add in Jamaican Black Castor Oil and sit under the dryer for 30 minutes. Also find a great leave-in conditioner. I’m testing out a few right now and will report back on which I like best. 


It may seem like you’re stuck doing rod sets and that can become boring and routine – switch it up! I recently tried a Twist Out on my hair and I LOVED the results! It’s so much easier and safer on my hair than hard rods – I’m not good with Flexi Rods yet but if someone wants to teach me personally, HOLLA AT ME! I’m also currently rocking some Meek Mill braids that will hopefully result in a bomb braid out tomorrow morning *fingers crossed*. But trying different styles and techniques with your hair definitely helps keep you out of a rut for a while! I get on YouTube to find new styles and Actually Ashly has great video tutorials on different ways she styles her natural hair!

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Ok, to know me is to know that I love a good scarf. I have no shame rocking one to the grocery store, mall, Chik-Fil-A, wherever! Hats, scarves and other accessories are great ways to jazz up your hair. Growing out a pixie cut on top of transitioning back to natural hair has not been the prettiest process admittedly and even if you’re confident with your decision, everyone has a bad hair day. Get some cute hair accessories for those times to help make it a little easier!


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*Is it obvious I love that one scarf or nah?*



I am a self-confessed product junkie but it’s been quite exhausting finding the right and healthiest ones for my hair right now. I prefer to keep my beauty routine fairly simple. Right now, I’m rotating between the products listed below. I use them when I do my rod sets and/or twist outs. We all have different hair so it’s important to note that what works for my hair or her hair just might not be right for yours. And that’s fine!


I decided a few months ago to stop putting unnecessary heat on my hair. I blow dry my hair on low/cool when I wash but I don’t want to compromise the health of my hair any further. Transitioning without the big chop can make your hair seem fragile so you want to be careful to not cause heat damage to any part of your hair or cause breakage. Also, switching up the techniques I use to style my hair has been great for me to avoid heat!

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A big mistake I made when I was natural before this time was thinking I didn’t need to see my hairstylist anymore. While being natural does mean you can avoid Saturdays at the salon, it’s still a good idea to schedule regular appointments with your stylist to get your ends trimmed. Just because you’re natural doesn’t mean you don’t need to worry about split ends. And if you’re looking for a stylist, check out our directory –!


Listen, any change to your hair is going to require an adjustment period and patience. You may not have to completely restore your hair’s health but you’ll still need to accept that it may take some time to get to your goal length or goal health. What I always hear is that if you’re good to your hair, it will be good to you! Transitioning takes time so don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s – focus on what’s working for your hair and achieve whatever hair goals you’ve set!


Eventually, I do plan to cut off my relaxed ends and I feel that time getting closer. I’m looking forward to it & will share that story once I do. If you’re transitioning right now – with or without a Big Chop – I would love to know what’s been working for you!



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