4 bloggers & vloggers who are living the dream

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We all have bloggers who we love (and are maybe addicted to) when it comes to beauty, fashion, fitness, etc. They quickly become the besties in our minds as we connect with them through reading or watching their content. We celebrate when they announce partnerships with major brands or begin building their own, and we empathize with them when they share personal parts of their lives, such as break-ups or other struggles. We’ve seen them grow through the years, and through hard work, achieve their dreams.

The TCL team dished out our favorite bloggers, and you’ll hopefully learn to love them too.

Jackie Aina

By: Ivoree Larkin

Jackie Aina is a YouTube beauty blogger, and I think she is the absolute best all around. She’s funny, outgoing, down-to-earth, stylish, a business woman, her physique is on point (no but REALLY), and not to mention, she is gorgeous! Whenever I watch her videos, I know that I’m not only going to be learning something new regarding makeup, but she’s going to make me laugh, dance, maybe sing ,and most importantly feel confident about myself!

Before she starts each video, she begins with a scripture or encouraging words, or an inspirational antidote. My favorite thing about Jackie is that she isn’t afraid to say how she feels and she is comfortable in her own skin. Her makeup looks aren’t hard to follow, and she’s not only telling you how to do it but, explains why it’s beneficial for you to try it. Although her focus is makeup, she also targets other topics such as product reviews, body care, fashion hauls, hair care and etc. Of course her motto may be changing the standard of beauty one video at a time, she’s impacting my life one video at a time.

Aleali May 

By: Dallise Elliott

When you think of bloggers who are living the dream, how couldn’t you bring up Aleali May? She’s the ultimate it-girl with fashion blogging, modeling, and image consulting under her belt. She’s often seen with music’s well-known artists and traveling around the world due to her collaborations with Adidas. Her style is very street-meets-chic, and I love everything about it! As Aleali would say, “When it comes to Louboutins most women purchase heels as their first pair. But I got the sneakers instead.” Words said in true initiative fashion blogger style.

Shameless Maya

By: Marian McPherson

I discovered Shameless Maya four years ago when one of her curly hair videos popped up in the recommended videos list on YouTube. Although I had no hair, I went ahead and watched the video, and I was captured by Maya’s bright personality and impeccable filming and editing skills. I went back and watched her first video when she announced her “shameless” challenge where she would shamelessly promote herself for one year. I identified with her struggle to fully embrace and share her talent, and be bold enough to truly be the person she wanted to be. Her first shameless act was showing up to NY Fashion Week in a pink bob wig and colorful dress while holding a bunch of huge balloons. She caught the attention of show-goers, fashion designers and even the news!

Fast forward to today, and Maya is living in L.A. with her own office and team (You go, girl). She’s worked with Prince, is a brand ambassador for Clarins and is slaying in each and every way. But, what I love most is that Maya is still down-to-earth, and often bears her feelings and struggles in front of the camera in hopes that she can inspire someone else.


By: Marian McPherson

Necole’s former blog, Necole Bitchie, was one of the first celebrity news and gossip blogs I started reading. I liked the content, but what loved was seeing Necole’s growth and moves behind-the-scenes, such as starting a separate and more personal blog and winning various blogging awards. Also, I was inspired by her story that included living on a couch, penniless and directionless, until she decided to follow God and take the bold move of building the blog and life she wanted.

Last year, Necole shut down Necole Bitchie to the shock of many, and she moved to Arizona, away from the bright lights of Los Angeles. She started XO Necole — a lifestyle blog dedicated to inspiring and empowering young women. She took some huge risks that most wouldn’t be willing to take at the height of their success. But, her willingness to follow her heart and live in her truth has paid off.

Who are your favorite bloggers and bloggers? Share them with us below!

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