Why I Cut My Hair

Why I Cut My Hair: @ksigua.gif

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When life gives you lemons, get a haircut. Wait, what?


When I was 17, I chopped off my long black mane down to a chin-length bob, much like Victoria Beckham. My then-boyfriend encouraged it so…I did it, obviously. Lol. When it grew out, I got an asymmetrical cut after, which I loved. My boyfriend liked it…at first. Then came the “you know I like girls with long hair”, “can you please let your hair grow?” and “you don’t look as girly,” and all of that just made me want to go shorter. So I went shorter. And shorter. And shorter.


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To summarize: I’m not with that guy anymore (he found a girl with long hair, looooool) but thanks to him and the many women out there rocking pixies and undercuts, I’ve grown to embrace the shortness. I also learned that a real man will love you no matter what you do with your hair (*ahem* *ahem* @__adam_m), so do whatever you want with it!
Will I ever let my hair grow? Someday…but that day is not today.


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