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Hey ladies! So springtime is around the corner and it is crucial that we look on point from head to toe! We’re talking about not only looking good when we step out but also when we vacay for spring break. With spring arriving we can also be anticipating to be soaking up some vitamin D and slaying the scene on the beaches for major spring break trips. In order to do so we have to implement some squats, crunches, sit ups and etc. at the gym. *cues Kanye Workout Plan*. (Checkout our #FitnessFriday workout videos here.)

So to give you a little motivation I present to you an assortment of songs (that are in no particular order) that you can from my own playlist that you can add to yours. With the right playlist you’ll have all eyes on you in no time. What’s great about a gym playlist is that you can tweak it to your own personal style depending on what type of workout you’re doing.  Ok Ladies now let’s get in formation!

So whenever I begin my workout I always do a good 1-5 minute warm up to just stretch and get my heart rate up so here are some of the songs I listen to in order to get myself pumped up.

Warm Up

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  1. Future & Drake: Jumpman
  2. Drake: Summer Sixteen
  3. Childish Gambino: Freaks & Geeks
  4. Future & Drake: Where Ya At
  5. Beyonce: 7/11

Ok so the warm up is done and my body is ready to put in work. At this point all of my songs are going to keep me hyped, motivated, and mind off my hour or 30 minutes workout.

Workout Begins

unnamed (1)

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  1. Beyonce: Formation
  2. Beyonce & Nicki Minaj: Flawless Remix
  3. Big Sean: Paradise
  4. Flo-rida: Welcome To My House
  5. Kendrick Lamar: Alright
  6. Future & Drake: Jersey
  7. 2 Milly: Milly Rock
  8. Justin Bieber: Sorry
  9. Drake: Right Hand
  10. Travis Scott: Antidote
  11. Sosa: Faneto
  12. Fetty Wap: 679
  13. Rihanna: Work
  14. Future & Drake: Big Rings
  15. Rihanna: B**ch Better Have My Money
  16. O.T. Genasis: Cut It
  17. Nicki Minaj ft. Beyonce: Feeling Myself

Thank goodness the workout, aka the drench fest has ended! Now it’s time to stretch out those aching body parts so that I won’t be too sore the next day. Cooling down is my favorite part because it means I’m finally done and I also get to listen to music that allows me to vibe and slow my heart beat down. In addition, I always like to have at least one song  that I can dance to so that I can celebrate the workout being done as I head to the shower. This usually takes me 5- 7 minutes depending on the mood I’m in.


Cooling Down


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  1. Bryson Tiller: Don’t
  2. Jeremih: Oui
  3. Sango: Middle of Things
  4. Tory Lanez: Say It
  5. Empire Serayah McNeill: Get No Better 2.0
  6. Yo Gotti: Down In The DM (My celebration song lol)

This concludes my own playlist, now it is up to you to make your very own. Remember there is no perfect gym playlist! It’s all about tweaking your music favorites to your own personal style. Mine just happen to consist of most Hip Hop and R&B because it fits to my personality!  If you’re having a problem or don’t necessarily have a set of songs to workout to music apps like Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Radio can help as well! What are some of your favorite songs you like to workout to?

Live. Love. Laugh. GROW!

Cover photo via kathorrocks.com

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