Round Face — Best Hair Cuts & Hair Tips

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Continuing on with our  face shape series, we’re bringing you a few tips for our stunners with a Round Face. Below are a few trademark characteristics of a Round Face:

Those infamous cheeks of yours are the widest part of your face, which may give your face a slightly wide and full look. Your jawline and forehead may also be the same width. Luckily for you there aren’t any harsh lines or angles when it comes to your round face shape.

If you’re constantly in the mirror posing and searching for the perfect angle or the perfect cut, check out these hairstyles & tips that may help you work with what you got.


Pixie Cut with Wispy Bangs

Jennifer Hudson Pixie

Everyone woman should try a pixie cut at least once in her life. And if you happen to be a woman with a round face,  the bangs on this look will help you hide the width of your forehead and bring all the attention to the lower part of your face.


The Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA)

Lupita TWA

You don’t always have to go for the bra strap length; you can big chop and rock with what’s left! Now, this look will attract a lot of attention to your entire face. Since you’re rocking such a short look, this is the perfect opportunity to flaunt those round cheeks of yours!

Center Part Bob


Who doesn’t love a good bob?! This style will give you the freedom to fake an oval or square face shape. The center part gives the illusion of a symmetrical look. Bone straight hair or light waves will keeps your entire face looking sleek!


Now if you’re still in the mirror and can’t get your head around your exact face shape, head over to our post Best Haircuts For Your Face Shape for a little help figuring it out. Remember, angles honey! Just ask your camera roll.

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