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Why I Cut My Hair – Daze Feathers

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In 2010, at the age of 17, I began my short hair journey. I was leaving for college in a few days so I was on eggshells about my new transition from high school to college.   With this intention, I figured I’d tackle a smaller change before assessing my greater transition to help me better embrace premature change. Plus I was beginning to pursue print modeling so cutting my hair would again aide in evolving into a more “edgier-DAZE” as a young woman.



I shockingly was not at all regretful once chopping my hair contrary to belief. Now, here I am six years later in 2016 still living The Cut Life, shortest my hair has ever been, and I feel even more empowered than I did when I began my journey.

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All things considered, I want ladies considering joining The Cut Life to understand that cutting your hair is a beautiful, empowering journey that is limited to your own experience. You have to make the brave choice to be free and fearless and sometimes the choice begins with something as simple as your hair. Although, times in beauty are changing for the better, there are still challenges of embracing natural hair which makes it hard to transition. But if more than a few are willing to change the standard of beauty, you’d be shocked who will follow!

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Be fearless! Be you unapologetically and take risks! Beauty is whatever you make it and together we can change & encourage a change of perspective in beauty-naturally!



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