Swimsuits For Every Body Type

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Do you ladies hear that? The sounds of your favorite song playing on a road trip to the beach. Water splashing from kids in your local pool. The flavor of your favorite ice cream after the rare purchase from the ice cream man. Yes I hear it too, it’s almost swimsuit season!!! We don’t have no type short hair beauties is the only thing that we like. Even though we love you ladies equally you’re all definitely individuals with different body shapes. You might be curvy & short or tall & slim but either way you’re looking for that perfect swimsuit to match your body type. Nobody wants to spend hours looking for the right bathing suit so let us be your shopping partner & give you some inspo for your next swimsuit purchase. Get your measurements & make your summer to-do list because we’re going shopping! #baewatch

  • Slim women with flat tummies seem like they are fab in anything but why not show off the sexy abs in a classic bikini! If you got it flaunt it boo!


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  • Short and thick woman are super hot at the beach in a high rise swimsuit to give them the illusion off more length while complimenting their shape.



  • Thick woman with a little more junk in the trunk always looks great in one piece cheekster bathing suits to show a little more skin.


@asherahswimwear / photo by @krishphotos

  • Curvy woman are flattering in high waisted swimsuits because they work around your shape while showing off your best assets.



  • Tall and slim body types look best in an one piece to show off their length while hugging their shape at the pool.



What will you be wearing poolside this Summer?!

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