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In keeping with our Face Shape series, this post is going to highlight some great tips and the best haircuts for those of you who have an oval face shape. Below is a definition and some classic characteristics of this face shape:

Oval is considered by many to be the “ideal” face shape due to it’s symmetry. Oval faces tend to widest at the cheekbones, narrowing slightly at the jaw and forehead. Oval faces also have more rounded chins. 

Now, in my book, any face shape is perfect and there is no one ideal. You just have to figure out what works for you and best with your style. Below are a few cuts that flatter the oval face shape with some tips on achieving each for yourself.


Pixie Cut

All hail Halle, the queen of oval faces and pixie cuts. This look is absolutely flattering on an oval face because of the symmetry of this shape. The simplicity of this style calls all the attention to be focused directly on your face while a little length left at the top, will highlight your cheekbones.

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A Bob with a Bang

Bangs are tricky for some people so we highly recommend leaving it to a professional to cut but this sleek and sexy look works well on oval faces. Because this face shape is virtually even, a blunt cut bob with bang really maximizes the appeal.


Tapered Cut

This funky cut is PERFECT for oval faces. Your stylist or barber will take into consideration the shape of your head when tapering the style perfectly to your face but this bold and edgy cut draws all the attention to your face similar to the pixie!


The Bob

A bob is pretty much flattering on every shape of face so this is perfect if you’re not quite ready to go too short. You still get to keep your length and, if you want to up the WOW factor, go for a dramatic part down the middle to play up your perfectly aligned facial features.



The Oval face shape is one that pretty much looks good with just about any and every hairstyle. Whether you want to try something sleek or a cut with a bit of texture, in addition to knowing your face shape, be sure to go for a style that you can maintain regularly and in between salon visits.


If you still need some help figuring out exactly what face shape you are, be sure to check out our post The Best Haircuts for Your Face Shape.


If you’re looking for a hairstylist now that you’ve found the perfect cut for your face, be sure to check out our stylist directory at



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